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The wire precious metal brush improves the shortcomings of the composite metal brush, with small wear debris, small size, and good signal transmission stability, but the bearing capacity is very limited. Fiber brushes are designed with multiple metal fibers, which maintain multiple points of contact with the metal ring body, and have excellent electrical conductivity and high current density.

The conductive slip ring is a method for connecting 360 degree rotators, transferring energy and signals, which solves the problem of gas electricity mixing in the rotating part. With the further implementation of China's new energy policy and emission reduction policy, as well as the strong support and implementation of the country for the wind power industry, small wind power conductive slip rings have been increasingly used in the wind power industry.,

China's wind power industry is moving from a stage of rapid growth to a stage of sustainable and healthy development. At this stage, the fan industry needs more safe, reliable and reliable rotating electrical connection technology, and these are the expertise of Jiachi. We also have excellent technical capabilities to simplify installation procedures and troubleshoot potential failures for our customers. At this exhibition, we are presenting the latest technologies and innovative solutions capable of meeting both onshore and offshore wind power applications.

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