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JSR-HF01-SMK-40 Series High Frequency Rotary Joint
JSR-HF01-SMK-40 Series High Frequency Rotary Joint
JSR-HF01-SMK-40 Series High Frequency Rotary Joint
JSR-HF01-SMK-40 Series High Frequency Rotary Joint

JSR-HF01-SMK-40 Series High Frequency Rotary Joint

JSR-HF01-SMK-40 is a single channel high-frequency slip ring. It can support 1 channel high frequency (up to 40GHz) transmission under 360 ° rotation and can be used in high and low temperature (- 55 ℃ ~ + 100 ℃). The two ends of the slip ring are connected with SMK type connectors, with stable signal transmission, ultra-low attenuation, and long service life. This product has been successfully applied to traditional artificial intelligence traffic control, missile defense radar technology, medical engineering, V-sat and satellite communication technology, TV camera system, or cable drum with sensitive cable wound.

Model: JSR-HF01-SMK-40 OD: 25mm Frequency: 40GHz Passages: 1 passage Connector type: SMK


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Technical Specifications


Technical Parameters

Electrical Technical Parameters

Frequency Rate(GHz)


Phase Fluctuation(max.)


Voltage Standing Wave Ratio(max.)


VSWR Fluctuation(max.)


Insertion Loss(max.)


Insertion Loss Fluctuation


Peak Power(max.)


Average Power(max.)


Mechanical Data

Connector Type

 SMA Female(50Ω)

Mechanical Internal Structure Type



External conductor: stainless steel, aluminum alloy

Surface Treatment

External conductor: passivation and anodizing

Inner conductor: beryllium bronze

Inner conductor: gold plating

Starting torque(max.)


Rotating torque(max.)


IP grade




Rotating speed(max)


Interface size


Environmental Adaptability


-55℃ - 85℃



Working Life

1 million revolutions



*If no standard models are suitable, contact us for custom solutions directly, thanks.







Note: The following special requirements can be customized, the delivery time will increase by 3~15 days, and the cost will increase by 5%~50%. Most of the basic accessories of our company are standardized and modularized, and non-standard customization can also greatly reduce price and delivery.

  1. The outgoing method and outgoing length of the rotor and stator can be customized.

  2. Due to structural limitations, it can be customized according to the specified length or height, or outer diameter.

  3. It can support up to 200 channels of power current or signal.

  4. Optional aviation plug, terminal, and heat shrink tube.

  5. Yaskawa, Panasonic, Siemens, and other servo system signal, power line, and encoder line hybrid slip ring.

  6. Can mix high-speed data transmission (including Ethernet, USB, Profibus, ProfiNET, EtherCAT, CANopen, CANBUS, CC-LINK, RS232, RS485, and other industrial buses).

  7. The temperature control signal and thermocouple signal are mixed.

  8. Customized slip ring for special environments such as shockproof and high temperature.

  9. It can be mixed with pneumatic and hydraulic rotary joints to form a gas-electric-hydraulic slip ring.

  10. The low/high frequency and connector types can be customized.

  11. The High-frequency power can be customized.

  12. The number of channels can be customized according to requirements.

  13. The maximum current can reach 5000 amperes (A).

  14. Military level.

  15. Waterproof, underwater mode optional, IP65, IP68 optional.

  16. Requirements for stainless steel housing.

Applied Projects



Radar, the radio detection and ranging, Radar uses radio to find targets and determine their spatial positions. Therefore, radar is also known as "radio positioning". Radar is an electronic device that uses electromagnetic waves to detect targets. Modern early warning radar, search and warning radar, guidance and command radar, gun aiming radar and other series of radars all need to rotate constantly to search for and locate targets. The company that can make the radar work normally owes a lot to the optical fiber slip ring. The optical fiber slip ring can ensure that the radar can transmit various electromagnetic signals normally while rotating 360 degrees so that the radar can quickly and accurately explore, locate and strike targets. JARCH's High-Frequency Rotary Joint & optical fiber slip ring is widely used in various radars due to its high transmission rate and is trusted by new and old customers.


Photoelectric Theodolite System

Through the electrical transformation of the optical theodolite, it can capture the target image and record the accurate angle measurement information in real-time. It can also obtain the accurate central axis offset of the target through the interpretation and processing of the target image after the event, and a more accurate angle measurement value can be obtained by superposition. The photoelectric theodolite transmits the signal to the computer through optical imaging, so as to achieve accurate positioning and capture the image of the target. In order to capture the target faster, modern photoelectric theodolites need to rotate quickly, and at the same time, they also transmit the captured image signal to the computer. Therefore,JARCH's High-Frequency Rotary Joint & optical fiber slip ring plays a very important role here.002

Fire control system

The fire control system is the equipment installed on aircraft, armored vehicles, warships, and other platforms. Its full name is fire command and control engineering. It is the general name of the equipment that controls automatic aiming and launching of shooting weapons. The modern fire control system can not be separated from the accurate calculation and rapid aiming of the computer. In order to efficiently and accurately lock the target and strike, all fire control systems are equipped with high-quality optical fiber slip rings. The high-quality optical fiber slip rings can ensure that the fire control system can accurately strike while capturing the target at high speed. The optical fiber slip rings produced by Jiachi can meet military standards and have been used in the control systems of various weapons for many times.003

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JSR-HF01-SMK-40 Series High Frequency Rotary Joint


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