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How to Choose the Model of the Slip Ring You Need? The Installation Method of the Rotating Slip Ring--Shaft or Flange?

How to Choose the Model of the Slip Ring You Need? The Installation Method of the Rotating Slip Ring--Shaft or Flange?

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※ How to Choose the Model of the Slip Ring You Need? 

How choose the model of the slip ring has been bothering many people. Today, I will teach you how to choose the conductive slip ring.

The conductive slip ring was the first product of industrial development. Now with the advancement of technology, the application field has become wider and wider. Whether it is civilian or military, it is used. Because of its high precision, many values need to be matched. And there are so many slip ring manufacturers, each with different naming codes, so how do we choose the model and find the slip ring we need? Below I summarize some experiences to share with you.

In fact, we are considering how to choose the conductive slip ring, we only need to provide the following parameters:

1. Installation method (through hole installation or flange installation)

2. Dimensions (inner diameter, outer diameter, and height)

3. The number of channels, that is, the number of channels, that is, the number of single wires you need to use (excluding cables)

4. Rated voltage and rated current of the power circuit and signal circuit

5. Working speed when rotating (rpm)

6. Type of signal (such as analog signal, digital signal, signal frequency, transmission rate, etc.)

7. Operating temperature

8. IP protection level (and sealing requirements)

With these parameters, we can quickly determine the model of the conductive slip ring, and we can know how to choose the conductive slip ring. Each company has a special number for its own products. The following is the product number of Jiachi Electromechanical. In principle, you can see what product you want at a glance through the model code.



JSR-EP038F-6P10-2S-TY.jpgJSR-HF02-SMA-03-06.jpgJSR-MPS1000-2P10-4S-TY.jpgJSR-WR060-6P10-6S-68-TY.jpg※ The Installation Method of the Rotating Slip Ring--Shaft or Flange?

In today's fast-developing society, with the rapid progress of science and technology, industrial automation is gradually replacing the traditional model, and conductive slip rings are slowly entering people's sight. The conductive slip ring is an important electrical component responsible for connecting, and transmitting energy and signals for the rotating body. It is usually installed in the center of rotation of the equipment and consists of two parts: the rotor and the stator. The conductive slip ring is used as the connecting part of the rotating part. If it is not selected properly, it will cause the equipment to fail to operate normally or damage the equipment due to operational obstacles, and even accidents may occur. Therefore, the correct selection of slip rings is very important. So how should the slip ring be selected?


  • First of all, it is necessary to determine whether the conductive slip ring needs to be installed through holes or flanged according to the equipment.

  • After solving the installation method, it is necessary to determine the size of the slip ring according to other parameters, such as the number of circuits, the size of the current, and the level of the voltage. The larger the value, the larger the volume of the slip ring.

  • The next step is the rotation speed. We all know that the object will generate centrifugal force during the rotation process. When the centrifugal force exceeds a certain range, it will cause damage to the rotating object. The conductive slip ring is no exception. If the rotation speed exceeds the bearing of the slip ring The range will affect the insulation of the slip ring, thereby affecting the normal use of the entire set of equipment.


  • Finally, as the use of conductive slip rings is becoming more and more extensive, the environment in which it is used is also becoming more and more diverse. In addition to the above conditions, there is also the use environment, such as waterproof, dustproof, high temperature resistance, etc. It will affect the use of the slip ring. Therefore, in order not to be affected by the external environment, it is also necessary to protect the conductive slip ring.

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