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How to realize the Industry 4.0 application of conductive slip ring?

How to realize the Industry 4.0 application of conductive slip ring?

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According to the national 12th Five-Year Plan, to achieve the requirements of increasing the gross national product, the development of industrial base is a cornerstone of national development, and it is at the forefront of the world in line with international standards, allowing Industry 4.0 to rise in China. At the third session of the 13th National People's Congress, the national leader, President Xi Jinping, proposed the rise of industrial automation in 2025.

However, the precision requirements of mechanical design and machining of industrial automation require a huge industrial base to achieve. Conductive slip rings are an indispensable link in the development of industrial automation robots and aerospace. According to domestic statistics, the country will invest 2.79 trillion yuan in the development of the new energy industry in 2021.


Conductive slip rings are mainly used in various docking links of industrial automation, and are used for the linking of high-precision robot movable joints. For example, the waterproof IP69 conductive slip ring is mainly used in underwater robots, submarine detection, torpedoes, and underwater high-definition cameras. Intelligent control equipment application for various underwater work.


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