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conductive slip ring, collector ring, collector slip ring, electrical slip ring, etc. It can ensure that the equipment rotates 360 degrees without interruption while transmitting a series of substances that need to be transmitted, such as current, signal, gas and liquid, to various parts of the equipment. Slip rings can improve system performance, simplify system structure, and avoid spraining of wires during rotation.


Slip rings can be divided into electric slip rings, pneumatic slip rings, optical slip ring, electric pneumatic slip rings, electric optic slip rings, and hydraulic slip rings according to different transmission media. The slip ring is usually installed at the center of rotation of the equipment, and is mainly composed of two parts: rotating and stationary. The rotating part connects the rotating structure of the equipment and rotates with it, called "rotor", and the stationary part connects the energy source of the fixed structure of the equipment, called "stator". The rotor and stator of the slip ring are opposite, and the stator can be fixed to rotate the rotor, or the rotor can be fixed to rotate the stator.

There are many factors that determine the quality of the slip ring, but the most important factors are the shell material, the material of the contact material and the quality of the rotating bearing. In order to save costs, many slip ring manufacturers on the market use plastic as the casing of the slip ring, which will seriously affect the service life and transmission capacity of the slip ring. All the slip ring shells of JARCH Electromechanical are precision machined from aviation-grade aluminum alloy, which can fully guarantee the long-term operation of the slip ring in various environments.


The contact material is a very important part of the slip ring. The existing contact materials on the market can be roughly divided into three categories:

The composite brush block technology generally adopts the form of carbon brush, copper brush, silver/graphite/molybdenum disulfide brush block, etc.

Use precious metal alloy monofilament, such as AuNi9 and so on.

Fiber brush technology, fiber brush refers to a special sliding electrical contact design. Simply put, a fiber brush is a single metal filament (wire) that is calibrated and packed into a metal tube. In this cantilever design, the loose, untethered ends of the brush bundles are attached to grooves in the surface of the ring.

The quality of the bearing can directly affect the smoothness of the slip ring during rotation and the service life of the slip ring. The inside of the slip ring of Jiachi Electromechanical adopts the NSK bearing imported from Japan as the rotating core, which can not only ensure the smoothness of the slip ring during rotation, It can also ensure that the slip ring can run continuously for a long time, which greatly improves the service life of the slip ring.

JARCH conductive slip ring uses high-quality aviation aluminum alloy as the shell, precious metal gold-plated brush wire as the contact material, imported NSK bearing as the rotating bearing, and the internal structure adopts new technology to prevent short circuit. This series of high-quality means can fully guarantee The service life of the slip ring, "Look for JARCH for slip ring, synonymous with durability".

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