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Talking about how to choose high-quality conductive slip ring

Talking about how to choose high-quality conductive slip ring

Talking about how to choose high-quality conductive slip ring-Customized conductive slip ring manufacturer-Jiachi conductive slip ring

When choosing a product, we must first understand the basic characteristics, parameters and functional effects of the product. There may be many types and sizes of the same product. We should choose suitable parts according to the size of our equipment, operating environment and other factors. In particular, the conductive slip ring products are very important, and the type and specification are very important, otherwise it may lead to inability to install or even cause major safety production accidents. Therefore, before installing slip rings, choosing the right slip ring is the first priority.

The parameters of the conductive slip ring mainly include the number of channels, the number of working revolutions, the working temperature, the working humidity, the contact material, the length of the wire, the shell material, the torque and the protection level. In addition to these operating humidity, they are also a very important mechanical factor affecting the insulation resistance of slip rings. In an environment with high humidity, when the voltage is too high, the passages are too close together, and it is easy to break through, causing a short circuit or more serious accidents, so the humidity should not be too high. When purchasing, you must first investigate the humidity range in the working environment of the equipment to avoid unnecessary safety production accidents.

Generally speaking, the normal operating temperature of the slip ring is between -40-80 degrees.

The contact material plays a very critical role in the performance of the entire slip ring. The contact material needs to have several important characteristics such as wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and low resistance. When the slip ring is working, it needs to run continuously for 24 hours. If the wear resistance is not good, it is easy to cause problems such as aging and damage, which will eventually lead to poor contact and poor signal transmission. High temperature resistance as well. Friction generates heat. When rotating at high speeds, the heat generated by friction causes high temperatures at the point of contact with the material. If it is not resistant to high temperature, the contact material can easily melt. Not to mention the conductivity, the contact area cannot be too large, so good conductivity is required.

JARCH Electromechanical uses imported contact materials to ensure the quality of slip rings! The slip ring has low contact resistance, long service life, high product precision, fast transmission speed and extremely low electrical noise!

Jiachi electromechanical testing technology is perfect. The main product performance tests of slip rings include: appearance assembly size test, single-circuit contact resistance test, contact resistance test during operation of conductive slip ring, dielectric strength test between loops, compressive strength test, and friction torque test during rotation.

Therefore, Jiachi Electromechanical has always been in the pioneer position in the domestic electric slip ring production industry!

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