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How to use disc conductive slip rings and the advantages and characteristics of mercury slip rings

How to use disc conductive slip rings and the advantages and characteristics of mercury slip rings

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※ How to use disc conductive slip rings?

With the rapid development of industrial technology, automation equipment has gradually entered people's lives. As a conductive slip ring, the accessories that can prevent twisting between two relatively rotating equipment and the problem of winding have also appeared one after another. With very rapid development, many types of slip rings have appeared to solve various problems. The disc slip ring is one of them.

The disc slip ring includes a stator, a rotor and an elastic sheet. One end of the elastic sheet is connected to the stator, and the other end of the elastic sheet is in contact with the rotor. The stator and the rotor are respectively provided with mounting holes to The disc slip ring is installed on the equipment used, and the rotor is welded with wires.

Disc-type collector rings are specially designed for rotating systems with height restrictions in the vertical direction; advanced fiber brush technology is used to ensure low friction, low contact resistance, and no friction debris for the collector rings. The minimum thickness of the conductive ring is only 6mm, and the outer diameter is only 6mm. 82mm, solid and different size vias are available.

Disc slip ring series are divided into two types: integrated disc slip ring and separate disc slip ring. The one-piece disc slip ring can provide solid and different size hole options; the separate disc slip ring provides separate rotor and stator combined with PCB board design, which can meet more stringent height restrictions.


      Disc conductive slip ring is an ultra-thin flat slip ring with a thickness of 15-25 mm. This series of slip rings is mainly developed and produced for equipment with small installation space. It is mainly used in revolving doors, revolving stages, rotating On rotating equipment such as booths, the disc slip ring can continuously transmit various currents and signals while rotating, which can easily solve the problem of equipment winding.


Disc type slip ring is also called disc type conductive slip ring, disc type collector ring. The disc slip ring is specially designed for rotating equipment with limited height. The disc slip ring adopts advanced fiber brush technology to ensure low friction and low contact resistance of the slip ring. The disc slip ring is mainly divided into integral type and separate type. two types. Integral slip rings can be designed for use in solid or through-hole rotating systems, and split slip rings consist of separate rotors and brushes. The minimum height of the disc slip ring produced by Shenzhen JARCH Electromechanical can be 15mm, which has the advantages of low contact pressure, high data transmission, and low electrical noise. The disc slip ring of JARCH Electromechanical also customizes the inner and outer diameters, the current and the passage according to the requirements.

※ The advantages and characteristics of mercury slip rings

Mercury slip ring is a kind of conductive slip ring, also known as rotary connector, mercury rotary joint. The mercury slip ring is different from the traditional carbon brush slip ring. It mainly uses liquid metal mercury as the conductive medium, and integrates the fixed end and the rotating end. When the work rotates, mercury is directly used for conductive transmission, and carbon is no longer required. brush.



Since the medium used by mercury slip rings for conduction is fluid mercury, compared with traditional conductive slip rings, mercury slip rings are more reliable in usability, higher in precision, and support high loops and large currents. Mercury slip rings are compact in structure and small in size, and are often used in some special tiny precision instruments. It is precisely because of the characteristics of mercury that the mercury slip ring has no wear and tear when it rotates, and its life is much longer than that of ordinary slip rings. It is very suitable for equipment that needs to be rotated frequently. Because the rotating part has no complex physical and mechanical structure, the product is more reliable and durable, maintenance-free, no noise, no noise, high speed, small contact current, and can transmit higher current.

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