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How does the slip ring realize the simultaneous transmission of multiple media? How does a slip ring work?

How does the slip ring realize the simultaneous transmission of multiple media? How does a slip ring work?

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 ※ How does the slip ring realize the simultaneous transmission of multiple media?

China adapts to the development of science and technology, and the slip ring has also become more diversified from the original single transmission current, and the transmission medium is more and more abundant, which can be applied to various machines and equipment. The electro-hydraulic slip ring is one of the most used slip rings, and it can also be called an electro-hydraulic combined rotary joint. The electric-hydraulic slip rings developed and produced by Shenzhen Jiachi Electromechanical are widely used in various automation equipment. The gas-electric-hydraulic slip rings can fully ensure that the automation equipment can transmit gas, liquid, current, control signals, etc. a mixed medium.


Under normal circumstances, hydraulic slip rings are often used when the equipment needs to transmit hydraulic oil during rotation, electric slip rings are used when electricity or signals are to be transmitted, and gas slip rings are used when transmitting gas, but they are often used again. When it is necessary to connect hydraulic pressure, electricity, or even other gases at the same time, we need to use combined slip rings, which are combined according to different transmission carriers, including gas-electric slip rings, gas-liquid slip rings, electrical-hydraulic slip rings, etc.


Electric hydraulic slip rings can continuously transmit current, signals and data, and can transmit compressed air, hydraulic oil, cooling water or other liquids at the same time. Work turntables, construction machinery, wind turbines and other equipment that need to use 360-degree rotation to energize or transmit gas and liquid can be used.

※ How does a slip ring work?

As a substitute for traditional collector rings, conductive slip rings have been gradually accepted by people, but the working principle of conductive slip rings is still unknown to everyone. Today, Xiaobian will explain the working principle of slip rings. Industrial equipment An indispensable part of industrial equipment, it supports the operation of the equipment. The working principle of the slip ring is to complete the transmission of electrical energy and the transmission of signals between the fixed seat frame, the rotating parts and the rolling parts. It is a very precise transmission device. When working, it mainly uses the sliding contact of the conductive ring. Electromagnetic coupling and electrostatic coupling make the working process easier and smoother.



The slip ring produced by JARCH Electromechanical can also be used on motor equipment without any restrictions on continuous rotation or intermittent rotation. The internal structure of the slip ring has been greatly simplified, making the structure of the system simpler. It will not cause any sprain due to the continuous rotation of the thread head, which greatly improves work efficiency.


The whole of the slip ring relies on the principle of elastic lap joint, rolling lap joint principle or sealing principle, as well as ingenious motion structure and sealing structure design, precise parts production and coordination, reasonable material selection, etc., forming a stable and reliable rotating connection system. As long as the slip ring is attached to the infinitely rotating equipment, it can provide a power source for the rotation, so that the rotating body can perform other motions while infinitely moving, or detect the working conditions under the rotating state.

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