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JSR-A3H Mercury Slip Ring
JSR-A3H Mercury Slip Ring
JSR-A3H Mercury Slip Ring
JSR-A3H Mercury Slip Ring

JSR-A3H Mercury Slip Ring

JSR-A3H is a 3 circuits mercury conductive slip ring, which can transmit 3 channels of 30A current at the same time. It uses liquid mercury as the contact material. Mercury slip ring is also called mercury rotary joint, which is a conductive rotary joint with liquid mercury as the conductive medium. Mercury slip ring using special sealing materials, insulation and conductive technology research and development production, the shell material is aluminum oxide or stainless steel, used for any rotating signals such as: tiny voltage, current, EMF, thermocouple, straingauge, audio-visual signals, high-frequency, computer signals and electrical connections.

OD:25.3mm Current:30A Circuits:3 RPM:1800RPM


instructions 3D model

Technical Specification Parameters


Technical Specification Parameters

Mechanical technical parameters

Mechanical Parameters

Enviroment Parameters





Working Life

>50000000 turns

Working Temperature


Rated Speed


Working Humidity


Contact Material


Mechanical Vibration


Shell Material

Stainless Steel Shell

Protect Grade


Rated Voltage


Rated Current



3 Circuits

Rotational Torque


Electrical Noise


Standard Products Selection Table


Style NO.



Working Life

Max Frequency

Contact Resistance


Working Temperature

Inslution Resistance














Points for attention:

1, the use temperature does not exceed 60, the surrounding temperature + its own heating (rotation + electricity).

2. Keep U P upward when installing vertically, and keep U P upward when saving.

3. When installing the rotary connector on the axis, it is not eccentric. When installing the sealing screw, it is better to use the 3-point sealing method.

4. Do not heat the rotating connector itself or the copper terminal.

5. Special connection terminals cannot be used repeatedly.

6, rotating body such as vibration will reduce the service life.

7, this connector can be fixed in the shell or plastic part of the shaft, and then inserted into the terminal wire to pull the rotating part, one end is fixed in the shaft, one end float in the external fixing part, but can never bear the weight.

If the above items are not complied with, the rotary connector will be damaged to different degrees or reduce the service life.



Electroplating equipment

The automatic electroplating production line can be divided into rack plating production line, barrel plating production line, continuous plating production line, brush plating production line, annular plating production line, linear gantry plating production line, plastic plating automatic production line, etc. But no matter what kind of electroplating production line is basically inseparable from the use of high-current mercury conductive slip rings, because only conductive slip rings can transmit current and control information while the equipment is constantly rotating. The mercury slip ring developed and produced by Shenzhen JARCH Electromechanical Institute uses mercury as the conductive medium, which can make full use of the conductivity of mercury and ensure the rotation transmission of large current. This type of mercury conductive slip ring is widely used in various electroplating equipment, especially Spun gold plated wire and spun silver plated wire.


Heating Drum

Heating drum (also known as drum dryer, rotary dryer, etc.) is a contact-type internal heating conduction type drying machine. During the drying process, heat is transferred from the inner wall of the drum to the outer wall, passing through the dried food material attached to the outer wall of the drum, evaporating the moisture on the material. It is a continuous drying production machine. Heating drums are widely used in chemical, brewing, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, municipal sludge treatment and so on. The heating drum is heated by high current generated by high temperature. During the whole working process, the drum needs to rotate continuously, and flip the objects that need to be dried inside. Because the drum needs to rotate continuously, the normal operation of the heating drum is inseparable. Open the rotation transmission of the mercury conductive slip ring. The maximum current of the mercury conductive slip ring developed and produced by JARCH Electromechanical can reach 6000A, which can transmit a large current while rotating to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The mercury conductive slip ring is widely used in On the heating rollers of various equipment, it is matched with the rotation of the equipment to conduct electricity.


Heat transfer printing

Heat transfer printing is a new printing and dyeing process in recent years. First, with advanced printing technology to special dyeing and printing (water or oil), put all the need of design and color design is printed on special paper, made with all sorts of fancy transfer printing machine, and then transfer printing machine, will transfer printing paper is patterned on one side, and was printed on the fabric on the printed fabric needed for the formation of a variety of patterns. Hot pad printing machine principle is simple, the entire device is dependent on the heating roller, due to the particularity of the heating roller, cannot leave the rotation of the conductive slip ring transmission developed by shenzhen JARCH mechanical and electrical conductive slip ring shape of the large current mercury has been widely applied to the roller printing machine, hot pad printing machine and so on printing machine, trusted by the new and old customers


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JSR-A3H Mercury Slip Ring


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