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military equipment

military equipment

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military drone

As a new star of modern aviation military forces, military UAVs are developing very rapidly. Military UAVs are unmanned aircraft controlled and operated by remote control equipment or self-provided programs. According to its control method, it is mainly divided into three types: radio remote control, automatic program control and comprehensive control. In order to perfectly control drones to attack various targets, all military drones are equipped with optical fiber conductive slip rings that can transmit various signals 360 degrees uninterruptedly, and high-definition slip rings that can transmit high-definition video 360 degrees uninterruptedly. And a series of conductive slip rings such as high-frequency slip rings and photoelectric slip rings.


military helicopter

The armed helicopter is essentially an ultra-low-altitude firepower platform, which is most suitable for the combat principles of “active, deep, sensitive, and coordinated” in modern warfare. , tanks, aircraft and missiles is another important conventional weapon, which has an irreplaceable position and role in modern warfare. In order to achieve the purpose of quickly locking the target and launching an attack, all armed helicopters have fully automatic or semi-automatic functions. The core components of these functions are inseparable from the photoelectric slip ring. The photoelectric slip ring can rotate 360 degrees at the same time. Uninterrupted transmission of various data signals can fully ensure that the armed helicopter is propelled by the propeller while driving other parts to attack.


early warning aircraft

An early warning aircraft is an air command early warning aircraft, which refers to an aircraft that has a complete set of long-range warning radar systems for searching and monitoring air or sea targets, and can command and guide its own aircraft to perform combat missions. The emergence of early warning aircraft is because the ground radar is limited by the curvature of the earth, and the search distance for low-altitude targets is limited. The early warning aircraft carries out early warning and monitoring on the ground, sea surface and all directions in the air from the air by means of the flight height, so as to improve the timely early warning information for the command on the ground. Airborne radar can detect various enemy situations in time through 360-degree non-stop rotation detection. In order to achieve 360-degree rotation of various signals and uninterrupted transmission, high-power multi-purpose optical fiber slip rings will be installed inside the early warning aircraft. This kind of optical fiber slip ring needs to be able to transmit the optical fiber signal, network signal, control signal, control current and hydraulic route required for radar operation, and this kind of slip ring often has very powerful functions according to different requirements. .


electric optical slip ring

Photoelectric hybrid rotating combination slip ring is referred to as photoelectric slip ring. The slip ring can solve the problem of optical signal and electrical signal transmission in 360° rotation at the same time. It is especially suitable for applications where unrestricted, continuous or intermittent rotation is required, and large-capacity data and signals need to be transmitted from a fixed position to a rotating position. fiber damage. JARCH Electromechanical provides different optoelectronic hybrid slip ring solutions according to different customer requirements. With a 15-year history of opening the factory, Jiachi Electromechanical and has accumulated 1000+ photoelectric slip ring design solutions. The photoelectric slip rings developed and produced by the company are applied It is used in a series of high-end fields such as aviation, military, and information.。

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