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steel industry

steel industry

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Introduction to Steelmaking

There are countless ways to make steel in today's society according to different technologies. Steelmaking refers to controlling the carbon content (generally less than 2%), eliminating harmful elements such as P, S, O, N, and retaining or increasing Si, Mn, Ni, Cr Equal beneficial elements and adjust the ratio between elements for optimal performance. The pig iron for steelmaking is put into the steelmaking furnace and smelted according to a certain process, that is, steel is obtained. Common steelmaking methods can be roughly divided into converter steelmaking, open hearth steelmaking and electric furnace steelmaking according to different steelmaking furnaces. Steel products include ingots, continuous casting billets and direct casting into various steel castings. Generally speaking, steel generally refers to steel that is rolled into various types of steel. There are many steel-making methods and more steel-making equipment, but due to the particularity of steel-making, all steel-making equipment is inseparable from the rotary joint. Rotary joints have also developed rapidly because of the steelmaking industry, and there are already categories of steel mill rotary joints that are specially used in the steelmaking industry.


Ladle Turntable

The ladle turntable is the most commonly used equipment in modern continuous casting to carry and support ladle for pouring, and is usually set between the molten steel receiving span and the pouring span column. The ladle turntable is one of the key equipments of the continuous casting machine and plays an important role in connecting the upper and lower processes. Equipment installed above the casting position of the continuous casting machine for carrying the ladle across the span and supporting the ladle for casting. It consists of 6 parts: base, slewing arm, driving device, slewing support, accident drive control system, lubrication system and anchor. In order to make the ladle turntable work normally, the turntable must be equipped with multi-functional and high-power rotary joints. Only the customized multi-functional rotary joints can ensure the safe and normal operation of each part of the ladle turntable.


Rotary joint

JARCH C series rotary joint is an embedded rotary joint specially designed for continuous casting machines in the metallurgical industry. It is used for internal cooling of rolls on continuous casters to increase the service life of the rolls. The service life of internally cooled rolls cooled with rotary joints is generally higher than that of externally cooled solid rolls. It adopts a balanced sealing structure and is supported by oil-free bearings; the joint does not require lubrication for life and can be automatically compensated. The C series rotary joint has two types: single-pass and double-pass, each of which is divided into two types of end-face seal and outer-circle seal structure, which can be selected by users according to their needs.


Introduction of JARCH Electromechanical

JARCH Electromechanical has specialized in R&D and production of various types of conductive slip rings and rotary joints for 15 years. The conductive slip ring rotary joints developed and produced by Jiachi Electromechanical Institute can fully meet the requirements of customers. + mature solutions, we can provide mature solutions in a timely manner for customers to choose from the use of conductive slip rings and rotary joints for equipment in any industry. Mature technology, professional team and perfect after-sales can stand the test of any company. JARCH Electromechanical welcomes new customers to visit and guide the company at any time.

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