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Common selection methods of disc type slip rings, what are the advantages of disc type conductive slip rings?
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Common selection methods of disc type slip rings, what are the advantages of disc type conductive slip rings?

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Disc slip ring is also known as disc conductive slip ring, disc collector ring, and disc slip ring. As the name suggests, its flat shape is like a plate. The disc type slip ring is mainly a special slip ring developed to adapt to the environment with small space.

The disc slip ring series are divided into integral disc slip rings and separate disc slip rings. Integral disc slip rings are available with solid and different size hole options; split disc slip rings offer separate rotor and stator and are designed with PCB to meet more stringent height requirements.


With the wide application of automation equipment, the slip ring has also developed rapidly. In order to adapt to the installation and use under different conditions, the scientific research and technical personnel of JARCH Electromechanical have made unremitting efforts and finally developed a special plate specially designed for special equipment. The appearance of this disc type slip ring makes up for the shortcomings of the existing slip ring such as the high thickness, so that it can be used in more equipment fields. Therefore, Jiachi Electromechanical developed disc type slip rings, using gold-gold contact materials, Up to 50 million revolutions, 90°V-groove design, 360-degree smooth and unrestricted rotation, low torque, low wear, low electrical noise, high efficiency, and TEFLON aging resistance, high temperature resistance, simplified wiring, guaranteed current Transmission, leading similar slip rings.

In addition to a strong R&D team and a large number of production technicians, Jiachi Electromechanical also has processing and production technicians for all components of Jiachi slip rings. Jiachi has various types of lathes and milling machines. There are dozens of CNC machining centers and dozens of technicians of various types. JARCH Electromechanical has a team integrating R&D and production, which is your first choice for custom slip rings.

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