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How to judge whether the quality of a slip ring is high?
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How to judge whether the quality of a slip ring is high?

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High speed slip ring is a kind of conductive slip ring. It is named high speed slip ring because it can withstand high speed operation. The speed of ordinary slip ring is generally below 600 RPM. For larger slip rings, such as conductive slip rings with an outer diameter of more than 150 mm, the speed is generally 0~300 RPM. Higher than this speed may be defined as high speed conductive slip ring. However, high-speed slip rings are also classified. JARCH  high-speed slip rings are different from other slip ring manufacturers' products. Our high-speed slip rings are famous for their quality and service life.

The development of science and technology promotes the progress of society. The conductive slip ring is a precision rotary connecting component. It is the most important part of the rotating and energized equipment. The quality of the product affects the operation of the entire equipment. There are many factors that can affect the quality of the product. However, among many factors, the process and precision control during processing, and the quality of the materials used for parts are the most important factors.


1. Check the appearance of conductive slip ring

Because the inside of the conductive slip ring cannot be seen, you can judge it from the outside. The appearance of slip rings produced by manufacturers with strict quality control requirements must be neat, tight in structure, smooth in design and processing, and no messy or damaged wires.

A manufacturer with strict control during production will generally not cut corners. This is to objectively evaluate the quality of conductive slip rings.

2. Check the material of the product shell

The use environment of the slip ring is very complex, and the material used for the shell is very important. Many unscrupulous merchants use cheap plastic as the shell, which will verify that the service life of the slip ring is affected, and there are serious potential safety hazards during the operation of the slip ring. Jiachi conductive slip ring is closely processed with high-strength aviation aluminum alloy. Its surface is treated with high-strength anodic oxidation. The material and superb technology can ensure that the slip ring can be used normally in various harsh environments.

3. Rotate to check the flexibility of the conductive slip ring

The conductive slip ring with good quality must have smooth hand feel, small torque, tight structure and no looseness and jamming when rotating. If you feel that the conductive slip ring you are rotating is in good condition, you can preliminarily identify it as qualified.

JARCH Electromechanical strictly controls the quality of conductive slip rings to ensure the quality of conductive slip rings and the safety of customers. If you want to test the quality of conductive slip ring in an all-round way, you need to use many professional testing equipment. Without professional testing instruments, Jiachi Electromechanical provides you with some simple and effective testing methods.

High speed slip rings have emerged in recent years according to the requirements of mechanical equipment. He requires that the rotating speed per minute exceed tens of thousands of revolutions, because the structure of the slip ring determines the high-speed contact and impedance. Therefore, high-speed slip rings are widely used. The development and production of high-speed slip rings in China has a history of nearly 5 years, and a large number of domestic slip rings have been equipped with automatic slip ring internal surface grinders in China. Most domestic high-grade high-speed machining center slip rings are imported products. The machining center slip rings developed and produced in China have been equipped with domestic machinery in small quantities.

Generally speaking, when purchasing conductive slip rings such as high-speed slip rings, we need to pay attention to many factors, as well as the material, working voltage, current, working speed, number of paths and use environment of each part of the slip ring. In order to help the majority of users better understand the high-speed slip ring, the following will focus on the selection of slip ring materials. As there are many components of this type of slip ring, the main components of the slip ring are the main ones that affect the core performance of the product, so we will explain in detail the selection of the main materials of the high-speed slip ring.

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