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JARCH underwater slip rings are used in musical fountains, and the application range of waterproof slip rings

JARCH underwater slip rings are used in musical fountains, and the application range of waterproof slip rings

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The musical fountain is a movable fountain created for entertainment. The underwater slide ring is an important part of the normal operation of the musical fountain. The musical fountain is designed according to aesthetics and often produces 3-dimensional effects. In the process, the water flow is manipulated, scattering and refracting light, and a 3-dimensional picture is created. In this process, the underwater glide ring played an irreplaceable role.

The musical fountain changes with the music, adding a beautiful visual and auditory feast to the people in the city at night. It is a romantic and leisurely entertainment project in the fast-paced city life at night. A waterproof slip ring is a slip ring used in special environments such as moisture, corrosion and underwater. According to different working environments, waterproof slip rings can be divided into IP65, IP67, IP68 and other protection grades.

Waterproof slip ring is widely used in marine research, submarine exploration and offshore drilling platform or marine cable winch marine cable, not only can play a good role in drilling, exploration, etc., the installation of waterproof slip ring is also very convenient, it is fixed on the winch One end can be rotated, and both ends of the wire are connected to two junction boxes. One of the applications of civil waterproof slip ring is the music fountain. The modern design of the fountain incorporates the latest technology products of the popular digital fountain show, laser show, and fire fountain lights. These dynamic and cool styles are naturally inseparable from the function of the slip ring. , The appearance of each fountain will attract local people to appreciate it. The integration of water-based programming and music has won warm praise from the public and has become a beautiful landscape.

The waterproof conductive slip ring developed by JARCH can transmit power supply and various signals and communications to 360° rotating joints in harsh environments such as wet, ordinary underwater and seawater. Compared with ordinary slip rings, waterproof slip rings have added waterproof function, and are mostly used for conducting electricity or transmitting various signals in special environments such as humidity, outdoor and underwater, or large dust and metal dust. The use environment is different, and the waterproof level of the slip ring is required to reach different levels. If the environment in which the slip ring is installed has corrosive characteristics, special materials need to be used. Waterproof conductive slip rings are widely used in sewage treatment, outdoor monitoring, submarine robots and other fields. The product has stable performance and reliable quality, and the waterproof level can be customized from IP54-IP68.

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