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The conductive slip ring is used to conduct electricity between two relatively rotating equipment, which can effectively prevent the problem of twisting and winding during the rotation of the equipment. However, with the development of industrial technology, more and more places need to use slip rings, and the requirements for slip rings are getting higher and higher, not only requiring the slip rings to transmit power signals, but also to transmit other media: compressed air, Hydrogen, nitrogen, chemical mixed gas, steam, cooling water, hot water, hot oil, petroleum, sulfuric acid, beverages.

Slip rings can be divided into carbon brush slip rings and electric brush slip rings according to their internal structure and application fields. The carbon brush slip ring was born relatively early, and the carbon brush and the copper ring are used to contact the inside. The working principle is that the carbon brush holder contacts the slip ring, the stator does not move, and the rotor rotates to realize 360-degree rotation.

The conductive slip ring is electrical equipment that originated in foreign countries. The conductive slip ring is also called collector ring, rotary joint, collector ring, collector ring, commutator, adapter, etc. in different places.

With the development of the times, the progress of science and technology, automated equipment has become the backbone of the world's manufacturing industry. As an important electrical component in automation equipment, the conductive slip ring has also developed by leaps and bounds with the advancement of science and technology, and the traditional conductive slip ring has also Known as the collector ring, traditional carbon brushes and copper rings are used as contact materials, and the rotating copper ring is rubbed against the carbon brush to ensure the rotational transmission of the equipment. Because the contact material of this traditional collector ring is a common carbon brush, the medium it transmits is limited to common current and simple control signals. However, with the advancement of technology, automation equipment has entered electrification and networking, and modern automatic equipment is often controlled through the network.

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