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Is the brush slip ring a development trend? What problems are encountered in the use of the slip ring?

Is the brush slip ring a development trend? What problems are encountered in the use of the slip ring?

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※ Is the brush slip ring a development trend?

The role of the conductive slip ring is very large, which can solve the problem of winding and conductive transmission. It has been used more and more widely in recent years, and the internal precision is also higher. According to the internal structure and application field of the conductive slip ring, it can be divided into carbon brush slip ring and electric brush conductive slip ring. The carbon brush slip ring was born relatively early. The carbon brush and the copper ring are used for contact inside. The working principle is that the carbon brush holder contacts the slip ring, the stator does not move, and the rotor rotates to realize 360-degree rotation and conduction. Its application is more common, and the conductive contact It has a wide area and can transmit ultra-large currents well. However, since the material is copper, copper is easy to wear and deform during long-term use, which affects the precision of the contact, resulting in the loss of current and signal, which requires regular maintenance, and the cost is relatively high. High is also inconvenient.


Therefore, with the development of technology, the use rate of brush slip rings has gradually increased. It integrates a variety of precious metal materials, which can solve this problem very well. It is resistant to wear and has a long service life, making it very cost-effective. It is used by many manufacturers, especially some large factories, which have many mechanical equipment and need to be ordered in large quantities, which can reduce a large part of the cost. This is a trend in the development of slip rings, while traditional carbon brush slip rings will be gradually eliminated.


Compared with the carbon brush slip ring, except for the slightly higher cost, the brush slip ring is far superior to the carbon brush slip ring in other aspects. The brush slip ring adopts a fully enclosed structure, which is far from protection level and safety. Super carbon brush slip ring. The inside of the brush slip ring uses precious metal as the contact material. The hardness and wear resistance of the precious metal is far higher than that of the carbon brush, so the service life of the brush slip ring is much longer than that of the carbon brush slip ring.

※ What problems are encountered in the use of the slip ring?

Why do some companies use the same type of conductive slip ring for a long time and have no problem with it for two or three years, while others break down quickly? What is the reason? In fact, the service life of the conductive slip ring is not only related to the conductive slip ring itself, but also to the speed of the machine and the working environment of the conductive slip ring.


A customer previously ordered a high-current slip ring, which is used in the ship's rotating system and is customized according to the ship's construction progress. A period of time after the delivery on the agreed date, the customer said that there was some problem with the slip ring. It turned out that the construction of the ship was delayed for some days for some reasons, which made the slip ring in a relatively developed environment for a long time. , The weather is relatively bad, which has caused the slip ring to receive very serious salt erosion. The slip ring manufacturer asks the customer's use environment when customizing the customer, whether it needs salt protection or a higher protection level, and the other is when the ship is found. Transfer the slip ring in time or take other protective measures after the construction period is extended, which can avoid the occurrence of this accident.

Therefore, when customizing the slip ring, the environment of use must be considered. For example, the place with water needs to be waterproof, the place with large dust should be dustproof, and the environment with strong corrosiveness should use corrosion-resistant materials. These are all special cases. Our conventional slip rings are generally used in normal environments, and the material structures used in special environments are different. This must be taken into account to avoid similar accidents.

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