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Can the slip ring be explosion-proof? How much does the operating environment of the slip ring affect the service life of the slip ring?

Can the slip ring be explosion-proof? How much does the operating environment of the slip ring affect the service life of the slip ring?

  ※ How much does the operating environment of the slip ring affect the service life of the slip ring?

The service life of the conductive slip ring is pursued when the conductive slip ring is used, and it is taken for granted that the only factor affecting the service life of the conductive slip ring is the material used for the conductive slip ring. In fact, in addition to the material, the use environment of the conductive slip ring also affects the use of the conductive slip ring. one of the main factors of income. The use environment of the electric slip ring affects its service life.

Conventional conductive slip rings use an ambient temperature of -30°C-80°C, the protection level is IP51, and the rotational speed is within 300 rpm. If the conventional slip ring is used in a place where the ambient temperature is greater than 80°C, the material used inside it cannot withstand the excessive temperature, and the soldering inside the slip ring will also cause its solder joints to fall off due to the excessively high temperature. Directly conductive slip rings cannot be used. Using a conventional conductive slip ring in a humid environment will be corroded by water vapor, resulting in an internal short circuit that directly makes the conductive slip ring unusable. The materials used in conventional conductive slip rings are very common, so they cannot operate at high speed for a long time.


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In order for the conductive slip ring to work normally for a long time, we have to develop different types of conductive slip rings for different use environments. Shenzhen JARCH Electromechanical has developed various conductive slip rings according to different use environments. Influence of temperature High conductive slip ring and ultra-low temperature conductive slip ring can be used normally in various extreme ambient temperatures, among which the waterproof slip ring designed for humid use environment can even be used normally in the deep sea 3000 meters. The maximum speed of the high-speed conductive slip ring developed and designed for the rotation speed can reach 20,000 rpm, and its service life can be as high as 1 billion rpm.


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※ Can the slip ring be explosion-proof?

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of automation technology, there are more and more places where conductive slip rings need to be used. There are also various types of conductive slip rings, and the requirements for conductive slip rings have become more and more. Not only conductive slip rings are required Waterproof, high temperature and explosion-proof.

This type of slip ring is called explosion-proof slip ring, explosion-proof collector ring and explosion-proof explosion-proof conductive slip ring. The key components of the equipment rotating transmission also have corresponding explosion-proof certification. The explosion-proof slip ring is mainly suitable for various explosive environments, such as coal mines, oil drilling platforms, explosive material packaging equipment and dust environments.

The characteristics of explosion-proof slip rings are: the highest temperature group, reaching the highest T6 group in the industry; at the same time, it meets the environment of explosive gas and explosive dust, and is suitable for zones 21, 22, 1, 2, etc.; the protection level reaches IP66; It perfectly complies with the relevant national standards and has obtained the explosion-proof certificate issued by the domestic authoritative organization; the optimized structural design ensures reliable safety performance under high rotation speed; the high operating ambient temperature is suitable for -30-60 ℃ work surroundings.

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