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Can the slip ring be explosion-proof? Conventional installation method of slip ring

Can the slip ring be explosion-proof? Conventional installation method of slip ring

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※ Can the slip ring be explosion-proof? 

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of automation technology, more and more places need to use conductive slip rings. There are also a variety of conductive slip rings and more requirements for conductive slip rings. For the conductive slip rings used outdoors, we require them to be waterproof. For the conductive slip rings used in steel plants, they should be able to withstand high temperatures. Many customers will ask, So can slip rings working in a dust environment and flammable and explosive gas environment be explosion-proof? The answer is obvious. Conductive slip rings used in explosion-proof environments must be explosion-proof certified.图片

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This type of slip ring is called explosion-proof slip ring, explosion-proof collector ring and explosion-proof conductive slip ring. The explosion-proof slip ring is a kind of conductive slip ring with high safety and reliability. The explosion-proof slip ring produced by Jiachi Electromechanical Co., Ltd., as a key component of equipment rotary transmission, also has corresponding explosion-proof certification. The explosion-proof slip ring is mainly suitable for various explosive environments, such as coal mines, oil drilling platforms, explosive material packaging equipment and dust environments.


     The explosion-proof slip ring has the following characteristics: the temperature group is the highest, reaching the highest T6 group in the industry; At the same time, it meets the requirements of explosive gas and explosive dust environment, and is applicable to Zone 21, 22, 1, 2, etc; The protection grade reaches IP66; It perfectly conforms to the relevant national standards and has obtained the explosion-proof certificate issued by the domestic authority; The optimized structural design ensures reliable safety performance at high speed; High operating ambient temperature, suitable for - 30-60 ℃ working environment.

※ Conventional installation method of slip ring

The conductive slip ring is a kind of device that can transmit power and signal to each other between 360 ° rotating devices, so as to avoid twisting and winding of wires during the rotating operation of the device. When selecting conductive slip rings, we should first determine the installation mode of conductive slip rings according to our actual situation and working environment. Conventional conductive slip rings have two installation modes: via installation and flange installation.

If you need slip rings installed through holes, you need to know what the hole diameter of the hole is, that is, what the diameter of the shaft the slip ring will pass through, and what the range of the outer diameter of the slip ring is. Secondly, the number of current paths is how many wires are required, how much current is required for each wire, and what kind of medium the slip ring needs to pass through. The media that need slip rings generally include power supply, signal, network, and optical signal.


Installation Diagram of Through hole Slip Ring

The other is flange installation. When installing the flange, you should know the flange size of the slip ring, the distance between the mounting holes, and the outer diameter of the slip ring. As for other parts, you should know the number of channels, current size, and signal. If you don't understand anything, you can also consult the customer service of Jiachi Electromechanical. As long as you know this information, we will design conductive slip rings for you to meet your needs. JARCH Electromechanical has been manufacturing and producing slip rings for more than ten years. It has independently developed many types of conductive slip rings, which can basically meet any needs of customers for slip rings.


Installation diagram of rotor flange slip ring

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