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How to use conductive slip ring in security surveillance camera pan/tilt
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How to use conductive slip ring in security surveillance camera pan/tilt

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The conductive slip ring is mainly composed of a rotatable rotor located at the axis. Due to the limited internal space of the conductive slip ring, the size of the conductive slip ring is strictly required. According to different types of conductive slip rings, the outer diameters are 11.1mm and 8.4mm. , 7.9mm, 6.5mm, 5.5mm LPMS ultra-miniature slip rings are available, and can also be customized according to customer requirements. LPMS ultra-miniature slip ring has smooth operation, long service life, small size, compact structure, can transmit various signals, stable data transmission, and fully meet the specification requirements of the beat stabilizer. The typical product LPMS-ultra-miniature slip ring has an outer diameter of only 5.5mm, which is currently the smallest slip ring in the world; LPMS-this slip ring is specially developed and designed for a research institute, with 44 rings only long, within the outer diameter, and can transmit at the same time Ethernet, USB, SDI video and other signals have been highly recognized by the institute.


How to use the conductive slip ring in the security surveillance camera pan/tilt: In the electrical design process, when the mechanical part rotates continuously without limit, the wire needs to be connected to the rotating part, and the electrical engineer will encounter the problem of wire winding. At this time, he needs to An electrical rotary connector, commonly known as a conductive slip ring, is a rotary connection that transmits power and signals. It belongs to the application category of electrical contact sliding connection. It is a precision power transmission device that realizes the image, data signal and power transmission of two relative rotating mechanisms. It is especially suitable for applications where there is unlimited continuous rotation, while power or data needs to be transferred from a fixed position to a rotating position.

Conductive slip rings can be used for any rotating body's tiny voltage, PLC control, digital/analog video, digital audio, high frequency, EMF, thermocouple, Can-Bus, Profibus,,, Gigabit Ethernet, weight sensor signal and Connection of electricity.

The structure of the slip ring is divided into three main types, one is a cap slip ring, one is a through hole slip ring, and the other is a disc slip ring. So, what is a hat-type slip ring? As the name suggests, because its shape looks like a hat, it is called a hat-type slip ring by people in the industry. This is mainly to distinguish it from its appearance. There are two main types, one is based on conductive media, such as electric slip rings, optical fiber slip rings, mercury slip rings, etc., and the other is based on slip ring structure, such as through-hole type (also called hollow shaft slip ring), Cap type, disc slip ring, etc. Today, the characteristics and application scope of such products are mainly described in detail around the cap type. Caps are called caps in English, so the abbreviations of such products are often marked with C, such as the SNC series of Senring caps, which were later renamed the SNM series. Senring also called the cap-type slip ring as the high-speed ball slip ring, which is mainly divided by function, because this type of slip ring is used in the high-speed ball and the gimbal, and there are many places for monitoring the head. The hat type is characterized by a structure in which the outer layer is fixed and the inner shaft rotates, which is the exact opposite of the hollow shaft series.


Hollow shaft slip ring, also known as through-hole slip ring, what is through-hole slip ring? There are many kinds of slip rings, and there are different classification methods according to the structure, field of use, transmission medium, etc., through-hole slip ring Mainly divided from the structure, also called the hollow shaft slip ring. The scope of use of this kind of slip ring is mainly in those places that need unrestricted continuous rotation to transmit power or data from a fixed position to a rotating position. Its manufacturing process and principle are similar to other slip rings, all of which are contacted by brushes and contacts. , to transmit current, signal and other data from a fixed position to a rotating position. The basic technical parameters of the through-hole slip ring mainly include outer diameter, inner diameter, length, number of rings, voltage, current, maximum speed and so on.

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