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JARCH conductive slip ring is applied in the field of UAV, UAV slip ring

JARCH conductive slip ring is applied in the field of UAV, UAV slip ring

source:Headlines 2022-06-10 14:09:05 electrical slip ring for UAV 386

The conductive slip ring developed and produced by Jiachi Electromechanical for a UAV company has been widely put into production. With the conductive slip ring, the UAV can take 360-degree shots without dead Angle by rotating the camera at the bottom while hovering. The reliability of this series of conductive slip rings has been proved by long time operation experiments of UAVs.


Uav is the product of modern science. Due to its advantages such as simple operation, less restrictions on takeoff and landing sites, good stability and safety, it has been applied to various industries. Even when we go out to play, we can often see UAV. Its main function is to take photos. In some special environments, aerial shooting with drones can definitely achieve different shocking effects. When a drone takes aerial photos, the camera needs to operate at 360 degrees, so the wires are easy to intertwine. In this case, conductive slip rings can be used to solve this problem.

Uav has a precise structure, small size, and can not carry too much weight, so it has high requirements for conductive slip ring. Jiachi Mechanical & Electrical has developed a special slip ring for UAV according to its structural principle. The slip-ring has an outer diameter of 6.5mm and a length of 11.8mm. It has 2-8 signal paths, a maximum signal current of 2A, and gold-to-gold contacts to ensure long service life. A drone fitted with the slip-ring allows for unlimited rotation of equipment such as high-definition cameras, high mobility and rapid capture of footage transactions.

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