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JARCH Electromechanical's first outdoor team building activity in 2021

JARCH Electromechanical's first outdoor team building activity in 2021

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     On July 31, 2021, the company's outdoor team building activities postponed due to the epidemic finally started. Due to the impact of the epidemic in the past two years, automation equipment in China and around the world has developed rapidly. As an automation equipment, conductive slip rings are essential. The few parts also see rapid development. Recently, the company has little time to rest in order to rush the production of various specifications of conductive slip rings. In this team building, I will reward the company's outstanding employees. On the day of the event, colleagues will be early. When the company assembled, and when everyone was there, they started to get on the bus in an orderly manner. When the bus was on its way to the destination, colleagues excitedly chatted and chatted.


The bus traveled on the road for about half an hour and finally arrived at the destination. Everyone got off the bus one after another and looked around at the surrounding scenery with curious and expectant eyes. There are green water and green mountains, several pavilions, and a piece of grass. . Colleagues gathered on the grass, waiting for the leader to speak. When the leader finished his impassioned speech, he organized everyone to make a self-introduction. Because some colleagues are new and unfamiliar with everyone, let everyone introduce first. Own.


In this team building, everyone has prepared a lot of activities. The one that impressed me the most was the "Seven Swords Down the Tianshan Mountains" in the afternoon. We came to a mountain and selected one-third of the team as "Brave People". ”, the rest of the people are blindfolded, and the “brave people” will serve as our eyes, guide us through the difficulties on the road, and finally lead us back to the place to gather. During this whole process, everyone is not allowed to speak, or even make a little noise, otherwise they will be punished collectively, go back to the place and do 30 push-ups and then start again, so it requires the concerted efforts of all members and mutual help. Overcome difficulties. After a lot of hard work, the task was finally completed, and everyone had a satisfied smile on their face.


I believe that through this day's team building activities, everyone as a team has become more tacit understanding, more friendly and mutual assistance. I hope that in the next work, everyone can work together like today and overcome difficulties together.

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