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JARCH mechanical and electrical to do domestic rotary joint products of the first brand

JARCH mechanical and electrical to do domestic rotary joint products of the first brand

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Shenzhen JARCH ELECTROMECHANICAL TECHNOLOGY CO., Ltd. is the first brand of rotary joint products in China. After several years of research and development, we now produce more than 100 kinds of rotary joint products to meet the needs of different mechanical industries and different types of equipment. The main products are rotary joint (H type, D type, Q type), high temperature hot oil rotary joint, hydraulic rotary joint, multi-channel rotary joint, high speed rotary joint, high pressure rotary joint, central rotary joint, central rotary body, hydraulic multi-channel rotary joint, metal hose, sealing ring and other products. One of our company's research and development of "conductive central rotary joint" is a national patent, research and development production level in China, has reached the world level.


In recent years, the development of China's heavy machinery industry, and even Shenzhen's attention to the sealing machinery industry, let us feel more and more confident. We believe that this information is very important for continuing to increase investment in R&D and for the recruitment of R&D technicians. Now, JIACHI MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL will set up a new goal to make China's rotary joint products go to the world and be used by the world.

At the same time, Zhongbang machinery believes that, go out at the same time, we also want to strengthen their own construction, from the standard, testing and other aspects, strictly adhere to the ISO9001:2008 international quality management system, improve the industry standardization, rich detection means and level. To this end, JIACHI ELECTROMECHANICAL invested a huge amount of money to establish a testing center, carry out regular or irregular quality testing, to ensure 100% qualified product quality. It is to adhere to this idea, Jiachi electromechanical realized the transformation from selling products to selling brands, and set up a great prestige in the industry. We will adhere to such a train of thought, the development of contribution attitude, the interests of consumers as the starting point, will be better development.

China rotary joint product industry development prospect is broad. Jia chi mechanical and electrical main production rotary joints (H, D, Q) high temperature hot oil rotary joints, hydraulic rotary joint, much channel rotary joint, high-speed rotary joint, high-pressure rotary joint, the central swivel joint and the central of rotors, hydraulic channel rotary joint, metal hose, seal folding ring and other products, welcome you to visit!

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