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Prospects and challenges brought by the security industry to the slip ring

Prospects and challenges brought by the security industry to the slip ring

source:Headlines 2022-06-10 14:47:39 Conductive slip ring 479

People who drink a lot in this industry know that the blowout increase in the security industry in the past five years has also brought huge market interest rates and market prospects to the slip ring industry. high profits. There is still the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The National Development and Reform Commission is transforming a new model of economic value-added growth. All fields are increasing efforts to develop R&D and production. The industry is developing rapidly. The pursuit of faster speed and quality is an important feature of a modern society. Shenzhen, Industrial cities such as Dongguan and the Pearl River Delta are constantly improving their production processes.

What replaces high-priced labor is to improve the processing performance of machinery and equipment (such as Foxconn's robots), resulting in the current situation in which the application of conductive slip rings is in short supply. The connection effect, rotary joints, and signal feedback on many equipment require high-performance conductive slip rings. Finish. There are countless applications of slip rings in various production and processing, mechanical equipment, military weapons, and physical experiments, such as: material conveying systems, production robots, rotary processing platforms, machining centers, packaging machinery, and so on. In such an environment and demand, conductive slip rings can perfectly solve these industrial problems.


In the context of this great opportunity, in addition to doing well in their own hardware conditions, various domestic slip ring R&D and production units should strengthen the training of professional talents. The learning and training of slip ring professionals is also a top priority. Designers and engineers are the decision One of the main weights of future competition.

Therefore, we should put the introduction and training of talents in the first place, and invest 15% of the marketing revenue every year as the investment in research and development and the cultivation of talents. Only in this way can we lead the direction of the industry to improve competitiveness and not be eliminated in the future development.

Economic progress will also bring broad development prospects to the slip ring industry. As an indispensable precision instrument industrial component in the new energy industry, the wind power slip ring has a very broad prospect, and the conductive slip ring industry is about to experience the second large-scale growth since the explosion of high-speed balls. In the next 5-10 years , Under the vigorous promotion and development of low-carbon energy saving, the development of conductive slip rings will move forward with the adjustment of the national economic structure.

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