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Can the servo motor use slip rings
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Can the servo motor use slip rings

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Conductive slip ring is an indispensable electrical component in many automation equipment, which has been applied in a series of equipment such as automation equipment, aerospace equipment, medical equipment and so on. However, in many cases, the rotation of automation equipment needs a servo motor to complete, so many equipment manufacturers do not know whether the conductive slip ring can be used with private service motor. Today, the small edition of Jiachi conductive slip ring will tell you whether there is a conductive slip ring used with private service motor.

The servo motor needs the servo encoder for control, and the motor and the encoder are directly controlled by the link signal of the encoder, so the conductive slip ring must be able to transmit the signal of the encoder if the conductive slip ring can match the servo motor. The traditional conductive slip ring is unable to transmit the encoder signal. Jiachi conductive slip ring after years of research and development will finally develop the encoder slip ring. The encoder slip ring developed and produced by Jiachi conductive slip ring can match the common private service motor on the market such as Mitsubishi and Siemens. The signal of the encoder can reach the servo motor without losing packet after transmission through the slip ring of the encoder, and the servo motor cannot run normally because of the slip ring of the encoder.


Shenzhen jia chi conductive slip ring professional research and development production of various kinds of conductive slip ring in 17 years, the company has developed various for various special signal transmission conductive slip ring such as Ethernet slip ring for transmission network signal, signal for optical fiber optical fiber slip ring, USB for transmission signal USB slip ring, for transmission encoder signal encoder slip ring, etc., At the same time, we have developed a series of special environmental slip rings, such as waterproof slip rings, underwater slip rings, explosion-proof slip rings and high temperature resistant slip rings, for different use environments. Jiachi conductive slip ring has strong research and development technology, can be customized according to the various requirements of customers suitable for customer equipment use of conductive slip ring. Welcome new and old customers in demand to Jiachi conductive slip ring guidance work。

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