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Application of miniature conductive slip ring in handheld gimbal
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Application of miniature conductive slip ring in handheld gimbal

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Application of micro conductive slip ring in hand-held gimbal - gimbal conductive slip ring, Jiachi conductive slip ring for hand-held gimbal manufacturers customized special conductive slip ring.

Short video platforms are very popular and enrich our leisure life. Based on big data algorithms, the platform recommends favorite video types to users, increasing user engagement. Everyone can see what they are interested in on the platform. Popular videos on the platform have become after-dinner conversations, and the habit of getting news and information from paper media has gradually changed.

The wonderful and interesting short videos have also stimulated the public's enthusiasm for creation. Everyone wants to be the protagonist. Choose a topic you are interested in and shoot a video or two to share. To improve video quality, more professional shooting equipment is often chosen, and handheld stabilizers are very common.

The handheld stabilizer is also known as the stabilizer, stabilizer, and there is a three-axis gyroscope in the equipment. Since handheld phone shooting will shake with the activity of taking pictures, a handheld stabilizer can solve this problem. The handheld stabilizers use their own built-in motors and gyroscopes to correct for distortions in the picture taken.

The handheld stabilizers that support digital photography need to rotate without limit when working. A conductive signal line is required to transmit power and signal between the bayonet and the handheld portion of the fixed filming device. The power maintains the correction of the gyroscope, and signal transmission is the instruction of the gyroscope correction. The operating principle of the handheld stabilizer requires a conductive slip ring component.

The portable and foldable equipment of the handheld stabilizer puts forward the requirements for the design of the conductive slip ring accessories, the space requirements are strict, the service life is long, flexible and reliable. The conductive slip ring developed by Jiachi Electromechanical Technology for the handheld stabilizer has won a good evaluation by cooperating with many manufacturers over the years and serving the market with mature landing solutions.

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