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Talking about the application of conductive slip ring in the reel industry
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Talking about the application of conductive slip ring in the reel industry

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The reel is also known as the take-up, reel, winch, the reel can be divided into: spring reel, electric reel, among which the spring reel is further divided into: trachea reel and cable reel, electric reel is divided into : Radial single-row winding cable reels and single-layer winding cable reels. Many people know that the reel can retract and unwind cables, but few people know what is the key to the reel's ability to retract and unwind cables. In fact, the reason why the reel can ensure the transmission of current and signal while retracting and unwinding the cable is that the conductive slip ring is installed inside.

The function of the conductive slip ring is to ensure that the equipment can continuously transmit current and control signals while rotating uninterruptedly. The reel can be combined with the conductive slip ring to ensure the normal transmission of the cable while the reel is retracting and paying off the wire. Reels have been widely used in all walks of life. According to the transmission medium, the reels can be divided into cable reels, water pipe reels, optical fiber reels, and network cable reels. These reels will be equipped with different transmission media. Conductive slip rings of different specifications.

The conductive slip rings developed by Shenzhen Jiachi Electromechanical Institute have been applied to various reels by the majority of customers, and Shenzhen Jiachi Electromechanical can also customize special conductive slip rings according to the reels designed by customers. Fully meet the various technical requirements of customers to ensure that the conductive slip ring can cooperate with the normal operation of the customer's equipment. The conductive slip ring developed and produced by JARCH Electromechanical Institute is recognized by the majority of customers

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