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How to choose a good electric pneumatic integrated conductive slip ring
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How to choose a good electric pneumatic integrated conductive slip ring

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With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the rapid development of automation equipment, many manipulators have replaced the original manual assembly lines, and conductive slip rings have also developed rapidly as an important part of manipulators and robots. As modern automation equipment requires equipment to operate in different environments, automation equipment has higher and higher requirements for conductive slip rings. In order to meet the constantly updated technology, Jiachi electromechanical technicians have developed a gas-electric-hydraulic integrated conductive slip ring.

According to the special requirements of automation equipment, the gas-electric-liquid integrated slip ring can transmit liquid, gas and circuit signals at the same time, and maintain the uninterrupted rotation and transmission of liquid, gas and circuit signals. Conductive slip rings are powered primarily by power elements, as are gas and liquid slip rings. According to different use cases, gas and liquid slip rings mainly transmit fluid medium and gas medium, and transmit the gas and fluid source 360° from the dynamic state to the required components.

Pneumatic-hydraulic slip rings are designed for some applications that require 360° rotation to conduct electricity and simultaneously ventilate (vacuum, compressed air and other gases), liquids (hydraulic oil, coolant, water and other liquids), signals (Ethernet, USB, HD video, servo Slip ring products developed by motors and various control signals).

With the development of mechanical equipment in the direction of more complex, higher precision and more functions, the industrial demand is not only the transmission of electrical signals, but also gas-liquid slip rings.

Jiachi slip rings can provide optical fiber, high frequency, hydraulic, pneumatic, encoder and various signal mixed designs. These components can be installed in the hole or end of the slip ring to transmit signals and energy through the central hole of the slip ring, or they can be embedded in these components to reduce the difficulty of use for customers, improve system performance, and achieve 360-degree rotational transmission of gas, hydraulics, and electricity.

JARCH electronic sealing material is a special sealing material imported from Germany, which has the advantages of wear resistance, long service life, corrosion resistance and no leakage. The wear of internal seals can be visually measured by the appearance of the product, preventing mechanical downtime or mechanical damage, achieving preventive effects and reducing losses.

There are two precision bearings in the rotary joint, which can run smoothly and lastingly, sturdy and flexible, with a small friction coefficient, and can run at high speed.

Replacing and maintaining seals is easy without the need to repurchase new products, saving costs.

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