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How to use the slip rings on tower cranes? What are the characteristics of explosion-proof slip rings?
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How to use the slip rings on tower cranes? What are the characteristics of explosion-proof slip rings?

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****How to use the slip rings on tower cranes?

With a series of large-scale infrastructure construction and super projects, China is known as the infrastructure maniac. On the construction sites around us, we often see towering tower cranes. As an indispensable equipment on the construction site, it is generally composed of foundation, tower body, jacking, rotation and hoisting. There is a flexible and critical lifting truck in the lifting part, which needs to work back and forth on the horizontal boom. The rotating work of the tower crane can not be separated from the contribution of the conductive slip ring. Only the conductive slip ring cooperates with the tower crane can achieve 360 ° rotating work.


The crane runs back and forth at the root and head of the boom, and the cable and signal line contract through the coil. The crane and cable recovery equipment need to rotate 360 degrees infinitely, and also need to continuously transmit signals to prevent the cable and signal line from winding. Therefore, electrical engineers need to use conductive slip rings to solve this problem.


Generally, the conductive slip ring used on the electrical equipment of tower crane has special requirements for its material and protection grade. The conductive slip ring can also be used to rotate the center box of the platform. The electrical equipment on the tower crane is usually directly exposed to the harsh natural environment, such as air, sunlight, rain, etc. The conductive slip ring itself has a high level of waterproof and dustproof. In order to avoid winding in the process of line rotation, the conductive slip ring acts as the link between the rotating part and the fixed part to transmit electric energy and signals. High current and large size may occur in the electrical system of tower crane, and the conductive slip ring needs to withstand strict working conditions to ensure reliability and service life.

****What are the characteristics of explosion-proof slip rings?

As the application of conductive slip rings is more and more extensive, many enterprises have put forward higher requirements for them. In some special environments, ordinary conductive slip rings are no longer applicable. JARCH Electromechanical has developed many conductive slip rings used in special situations according to this situation, and explosion-proof slip rings are one of them. Flameproof slip ring, as its name implies, is a slip ring used in explosive environments. It uses special materials and structures and has a very high level of protection to ensure that the slip ring works normally and stably in explosive environments without explosion and explosion.


Flameproof slip rings are rarely used by users with the same specification and size, so they are generally non-standard customized. When customizing, customers should provide the aperture, number, current, explosion-proof grade, etc. of the slip rings, which are then designed by the manufacturer's technicians. After the slip ring is completed, strict inspection and detection shall be carried out, and the corresponding explosion-proof certificate shall be obtained to ensure that the slip ring will not have any problems in later use.

Explosion proof slip ring is a reliable and safe slip ring, which can be used in petroleum, military, chemical, explosive, dust, explosive gas and other environments.

After selecting the explosion-proof slip ring, do not think it is over, but also pay attention to the installation and maintenance of the slip ring, which will help extend the service life of the slip ring and prevent an accident during use.

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