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Will the serious wear of the slip ring affect communication?The importance thing of waterproof slip ring

Will the serious wear of the slip ring affect communication?The importance thing of waterproof slip ring

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****Will the serious wear of the slip ring affect communication? 

Customers, who use conductive slip rings will ask, "Will serious wear of slip rings affect communication?" In fact, this question is very simple. At present, the conductive slip rings commonly used on the market are mainly brush slip rings and carbon brush slip rings. As the first generation conductive slip ring, the carbon brush slip ring has been widely used in various fields and has been accepted by many customers. The brush slip ring is a new slip ring technology developed in the last ten years. Compared with the traditional carbon brush slip ring, the brush slip ring has a series of advantages such as high protection level, long service life, and high safety performance. The current brush slip ring has gradually begun to replace the traditional collector ring and is widely used in various equipment requiring rotary transmission.

In view of the customer's question "Will serious wear of slip ring affects communication?", whether it is brush slip ring or carbon brush slip ring, serious wear of slip ring will affect communication. Carbon brush slip ring uses carbon brush as the contact material of conductive slip ring, and the material itself is doomed to be unable to transmit too many special signals, and can only transmit ordinary current and basic control signals. The operation of the carbon brush slip ring will produce carbon brush powder. The accumulation of powder will not only affect the operation of the slip ring but also affect the communication. The brush slip ring uses precious metal as the contact material, which enables it to transmit all the communication signals on the market at present. Moreover, because the hardness of the precious metal is higher than that of the carbon brush, its wear resistance is higher than that of the carbon brush. Similarly, the service life of the brush slip ring will be higher than that of the carbon brush slip ring. However, the brush slip ring also can not avoid the impact on the communication signal after the brush wire is seriously worn.

So in the final analysis, whether it is a carbon brush slip ring or brush slip ring, they are all consumable equipment parts. When the internal contact materials are worn out, they need to replace the contact materials, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

****The importance thing of waterproof slip ring

Like high temperature resistant conductive slip rings, waterproof slip rings or waterproof conductive slip rings are conductive slip rings with special product performance. High temperature resistant slip ring is made of heat-resistant materials and heat dissipation design to meet the requirement of rotating transmission power signal under high temperature environment. So is the waterproof conductive slip ring. It is designed with special materials to adapt to underwater operation environment.


In order to meet the design of an electromechanical system rotating and transmitting power signals in harsh environments such as underwater, damp, and corrosion, a waterproof conductive slip ring is also known as an underwater slip ring, because it has worked underwater for a long time. The underwater environment is a general summary, including different media components such as seawater, fresh water, and oil.

The waterproof slip ring is made of unique sealing materials, the rotor is made of aluminum alloy tube, fixed with bolts, and the sealing is generally made of industrial sealant. As the waterproof slip ring operates underwater, anti-corrosion is also a feature. The protection grade of a general conductive slip ring is IP51, and the protection range of the waterproof slip ring is IP65~IP68. It has excellent waterproof, dustproof and corrosion resistant.


In addition to the special sealing material design, the waterproof slip ring also has other common slip ring functions. The transmission signal type meets the requirements of weak current, sensing and control signals, supports high current and high power transmission, and supports the customization of 1-96 loops. Zhihong waterproof slip ring adopts patented manufacturing technology to reduce signal interference between loops without loss and crosstalk.

JARCH waterproof slip ring has mature application experience in the fields of ships, port machinery, oil wells, etc., meeting the requirements of 100~800m underwater working conditions.

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