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How to select the material of the slip ring? Application field of the pneumatic electric slip ring

How to select the material of the slip ring? Application field of the pneumatic electric slip ring

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****How to select the material of the slip ring?

The conductive slip ring is a precise mechanical component, which can transmit power, signal, network, optical signal and other media between 360 ° rotating equipment to avoid twisting and winding of equipment. Due to the increasing popularity of automation equipment, more and more places need to use conductive slip rings, often to adapt to different environments. Therefore, the selection of conductive slip rings is different according to different use environments.


JARCH Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a slip ring manufacturer focusing on conductive slip rings for 17 years. It has rich experience and strong strength. It can design suitable conductive slip rings for customers according to the use environment of the slip rings. Slip rings, such as fountains, which need to be used underwater or in corrosive environments, will change their shells into stainless steel materials. The protection level can reach the highest IP68, and they can work in environments that are several meters deep underwater. The explosion-proof conductive slip ring is not only of high external protection grade but also made of stainless steel. The internal contact material is more precise, which can avoid the occurrence of accidents caused by the electric spark generated by the relative friction of the conventional conductive slip ring internal brush wire, and greatly improve the safety of the conductive slip ring.

 ****Application field of the pneumatic electric slip ring

As the name suggests, the gas electricity integrated slip ring is a slip ring that can simultaneously pass current, signal and gas. The gas electric integrated slip ring is composed of gas slip ring and electric slip ring, which saves a lot of space compared with the traditional mode. Since its establishment in 2006, Jiachi Electromechanical Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research, development and production of conductive slip rings. It has paid a lot of energy and made many breakthroughs. The independently researched, developed and produced gas electricity integrated slip rings are widely used in various fields.


The pneumatic slip ring of JARCH can realize 360 ° rotation transmission of multiple media through single or multiple gas and multiple power, signal, network and optical signals, and solve the problem of twisting and winding wire of many automation equipments in the process of rotation. JARCH slip ring adopts special seals imported from Germany, which has the advantages of wear resistance, long service life, corrosion resistance, no leakage, etc. It is widely used in CNC machine tools, cranes, turntables, metallurgy industry, food processing industry, automatic production lines, etc.

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