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What is the hollow slip ring? What are the advantages of shaft slip rings?

What is the hollow slip ring? What are the advantages of shaft slip rings?

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**** What is the hollow slip ring? What are the advantages of shaft slip rings? 




In a society with very developed manufacturing industry, almost all industries need a conductive slip ring. Why is it so widely used? The function of the conductive slip ring is to transmit the signal between the shaft and the fixed parts of the shaft, which solves the problem of 360 ° rotation and makes the shaft run more smoothly. The utility model is mainly composed of a ring formed by a plurality of metal rings, an electric brush in contact with the ring, a bracket with a fixing function and a protective layer. Both the glue injection method and the lamination method in the annulus are the secondary glue injection method. The metal ring and brush wire surface are generally treated by high-quality electroplating, and the coating is mainly precious metal. It mainly meets the requirements of high conductivity, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of conductive slip ring.


The hollow conductive ring is called the through hole type slip ring, which is a porous structure. It has a wide range of applications. It is mainly installed on the rotating shaft device. The rotary joint adopts through hole slip ring, which is required to transmit signals in fixed and unfixed structures. In the future, through hole slip rings will be widely used in automatic equipment, automatic detection equipment, automatic robots and other new fields. At that time, there were high requirements for the structure and technical parameters of the through hole slip ring. For this reason, while producing existing products, Hongruiming Electronics has invested in R&D funds to develop new products and new structures to meet the demand for through hole slip rings in the future. Because the number of through hole slip rings is very small, most of them need customized processing and production.

Standard type through hole conductive ring, multi way and multi way optional, 12.7mm-500mm intermediate through hole specially designed for hydraulic or pneumatic transmission shaft, uses advanced fiber brush technology to reduce friction resistance, contact resistance and friction debris. Compared with similar products, it has higher rotary precision, more stable performance and longer service life. 360 degree continuous rotation transmission of analog or data signals, compatible with the data bus protocol, can transmit Ethernet, LSB, RS, Canbus, Firewire and other signals, with long service life, maintenance free and easy installation.

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