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The cooperation of slip rings and robots is widely used in automated production lines. Can conductive slip rings pass through hydraulic oil?

The cooperation of slip rings and robots is widely used in automated production lines. Can conductive slip rings pass through hydraulic oil?

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※ The cooperation of slip rings and robots is widely used in automated production lines

As an indispensable small part in automation equipment, the conductive slip ring has developed rapidly with the development of science and technology. The conductive slip ring cooperates with modern robots to make the automated production line more handy, and the robot has more functions in this context. More and more, it is used in more fields. Nowadays, it is more and more difficult for enterprises to recruit workers for production, and the labor cost is getting higher and higher, which leads many enterprises to use robots to replace manual work in large quantities, which also has greater requirements on the working performance of robots. Since the arm of the robot needs to rotate 360° during work, the line is easily entangled, which will greatly affect the efficiency of the work. To solve this problem, a conductive slip ring needs to be used.


※ Can conductive slip rings pass through hydraulic oil?

When the conductive slip ring rotates 360°, it can transmit current, signal, liquid, gas and other media at the same time, which can solve the problem of rotating and winding encountered by intelligent robots during work, thereby improving its work efficiency. At a previous robot exhibition, there were many kinds of robots, including intelligent production workshops, arc welding, electric welding, car assembly and other fields. They all have a common feature, that is, they are all installed with production and processing Slip rings and electrical equipment slip rings. Slip ring is a good helper for robots. It is very important to choose a good slip ring manufacturer.

A conductive slip ring is a mechanical component that can perform normal power or signal transmission between relatively rotating equipment without winding or twisting. With the rapid development of the industry, there are more and more places where conductive slip rings are applied, covering almost all fields. Therefore, many people have higher and higher requirements for conductive slip rings, not only the transmission of conductive slip rings Networks, optical signals, and even gas, also want conductive slip rings to pass through hydraulic oil. In order to meet the needs of the market, Jiachi Electromechanical has developed a conductive slip ring that can transmit hydraulic pressure, and thus the hydraulic slip ring was born.


This kind of slip ring is called a hydraulic slip ring or hydraulic rotary joint. The hydraulic slip ring of JARCH Electromechanical is a slip ring specially designed to work under high pressure and has good rotary sealing performance. The main function of the hydraulic slip ring is to transmit the pressure oil or other fluids to the hydraulic rotary cylinder. The energy loss during this transfer is as small as possible. Because hydraulic slip rings are generally in a high-pressure working environment, the selection of slip rings is very strict, so Jiachi Electromechanical's hydraulic slip rings are made of high-strength stainless steel, which has a longer life and better resistance. pressure capacity and protection. JARCH hydraulic slip ring can withstand the pressure of up to 30Mpa at low speed, which can basically meet all the requirements for the slip ring to pass hydraulic oil, and can also customize the number of hydraulic slip ring inlet and outlet holes, the number of channels and the current of the conductive wire. 

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