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What is a marine slip ring and what are the characteristics of a marine conductive slip ring

What is a marine slip ring and what are the characteristics of a marine conductive slip ring

We live on the earth, and more than 70% of the earth is covered by the ocean. Ships are indispensable vehicles for human beings in ocean exploration and ocean transportation. A modern ship is inevitably accompanied by some automation equipment. For example, winches on fishing boats, radars on warships, underwater machines on scientific research ships, and loading and unloading in ports are all types of automation equipment, and these automation equipment is inseparable from the help of conductive slip rings. But few people know that there is a difference between the conductive slip rings used on the ocean and those used on land. The conductive slip rings used on the ocean are called ship slip rings.

Ship slip ring refers to the conductive slip ring for ships, ship equipment and other related equipment. It is actually a conductive slip ring for ship power propulsion system, also called marine slip ring and marine slip ring. There is no difference in the overall structure and performance of the ship slip ring and the traditional conductive slip ring used on land, but there are still some differences in the material and design from the traditional conductive slip ring used on the land. The biggest reason for the difference between the two is the difference in the use environment.

Our commonly used conductive slip rings generally only consider factors such as waterproof, high temperature resistance, explosion-proof, speed and other factors when considering their use environment. However, in addition to these factors, marine slip rings also need to consider a salt spray and corrosion resistance. Because the use environment of ship slip rings is to deal with seawater for a long time, and the sea has strong corrosion, so we must consider the corrosion problem at sea when using materials for ship slip rings. These factors also suggest that the ship slip ring must have strong resistance to salt spray corrosion. Only with strong corrosion resistance to salt spray can the ship slip ring operate normally in the marine environment for a long time.

The slip rings developed and produced by Shenzhen Jiachi are widely used in marine surveillance ship air defense radar, coastal defense and shore-based detection platforms, artillery launchers, underwater robots, marine thruster systems, marine cranes, drilling platforms, Among a series of equipment such as marine motor slewing center, marine cable reel, port machinery and so on. The shell of the marine slip ring developed by Jiachi conductive slip ring is made of 304 stainless steel precision turning, the main shaft is precision machined from 304 stainless steel, the interior is made of corrosion-resistant precious metal as the contact material, and the gap around the conductive slip ring is treated with silicone potting. . It can ensure that the slip ring of the ship can operate for a long time in the harsh marine environment and fully guarantee its service life.

Since last year, the shore power conductive slip ring specially developed by Jiachi Electromechanical Co., Ltd. to cooperate with the implementation of the national shore power transformation project has been certified by CQC and included in the list of shipping societies. This series of shore power conductive slip rings is used in conjunction with marine cable reels. of marine slip rings. This series of shore power slip rings have been approved by a wide range of ship equipment manufacturers, and ship reels equipped with Jiachi shore power slip rings have been widely installed on various ships. Jiachi conductive slip ring has been recognized by time and customers, and its products have been exported to all parts of the country and many overseas countries. Jiachi slip ring is selected, which is synonymous with durability!


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