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JARCH conductive slip rings are widely used in the field of coating machines

JARCH conductive slip rings are widely used in the field of coating machines

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JARCH conductive slip rings are widely used in the field of coating machines

Simply put, the function of the coating machine is to apply glue and other media on the surface of films, textiles, sponges and other products, generally including unwinding, gluing, drying, winding, and roll changing.

Coating machines play a key role in shoe accessories, sponge products, electronics industry, textiles and other industries. Manual gluing is slow and inefficient, and cannot expand production capacity. In addition, the stimulating properties of media such as glue can adversely affect the human body. The coating machine will automatically complete the above process and strictly uniform according to the set process.

The coating machine adopts programmable PLC integrated control and touch screen operating system, which completes the setting of the human-computer interaction program simply and clearly. Multifunctional nozzle enables multimedia coating, suitable for large scale graphene, tape, coating, etc. The frequency converter system is used to flexibly and coordinately control the tension at all levels to achieve a uniform height of the glue medium. The oven can be matched with energy-saving fans, multi-stage temperature control settings, and high drying efficiency. Through multi-point automatic correction to ensure neat rolls and avoid cabbage, automatic rolls can achieve high-speed continuous work.

Conductive slip rings are widely used in coating electromechanical systems, reel control, nozzle systems, oven temperature control and other places. The conductive slip ring transmits the weak current control signal of the PLC control system to each unit, the power weak current signal is rotated and transmitted, and the line is not twisted or twisted. In the application of the coating machine, the IP protection level of the conductive slip ring is relatively high to avoid the erosion and damage of the slip ring caused by the coating medium.

The conductive slip ring adopts a variety of products such as cap flange installation, through-hole bearing fixing, PCB separation, etc., and parameters such as inner and outer diameters, working speed, signal type, protection level, etc., to achieve a high degree of freedom of customization. It is suitable for 360-degree rotation of electromechanical systems to transmit power signals. More electro-hydraulic, gas-electric slip ring solutions.

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