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JARCH conductive slip rings provide conductive slip rings for tethered drones

JARCH conductive slip rings provide conductive slip rings for tethered drones

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Tethered UAV, also known as tethered UAV, is a special form of multi-rotor UAV. It uses ground power transmitted through tethered cables as a power source instead of traditional lithium batteries. It is characterized by the ability to hover in the air for a long time. The tethered drone is composed of a ground high-voltage DC voltage stabilization system, a pay-off device, a synchronous reel, a mooring cable, an air voltage stabilization module and a backup battery. The high-voltage DC voltage stabilization system And the synchronous reel is installed on the reel, and the tethered cable is connected with the voltage regulator module and the backup battery.

The tethered drone can hover in the air for a long time without the support and help of the conductive slip ring. There is a miniature cap-type conductive slip ring in the rotating camera of the drone to provide it with the function of 360-degree rotation transmission. The cap-type slip ring can ensure that the camera under the drone rotates 360 degrees to ensure that the internal equipment will not be coiled. The pay-off in the tethered drone is also inseparable from the help of the conductive slip ring. Only the conductive slip ring can ensure the normal transmission of the current and video of the drone while the take-up is running.


JARCH Electromechanical has customized a special conductive slip ring for the series of drones of the Shenzhen fire department, which can fully ensure the normal operation of the tethered drones in any environment, and ensure that the tasks of the fire department can be successfully completed. The slip ring of man-machine can be divided into photoelectric slip ring and cap slip ring. The cap slip ring is mainly to ensure the rotation and shooting of the camera on the drone. The photoelectric slip ring is mainly to ensure the connection between the underground payer and the drone. Jiachi Electromechanical has specialized in the research and development and production of conductive slip rings for 17 years. It has long provided slip ring customization services for government institutions and famous enterprises such as Huawei and BYD. Customers can contact us directly

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