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What is the cause of poor contact when the conductive slip ring is used?

What is the cause of poor contact when the conductive slip ring is used?

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Conductive slip ring in the process of rotation will inevitably appear a variety of problems, such as short circuit, do not move, intermittent transmission and so on a series of problems, which transmission intermittent is a more obvious problem in many problems, then what are the reasons for the transmission of conductive slip ring intermittent? Xiaobian summarized the following points for your reference, I hope to help you.

1. The natural life of the conductive slip ring has arrived, and the internal brush wire has been consumed because of the long rotating friction. In this case, the slip ring needs to be sent back to the manufacturer, and the brush wire can be replaced for maintenance.

2. The poor quality of brush wire leads to poor internal contact and poor current and signal transmission. Many small workshops do conductive slip ring in order to control the cost, using inferior brush wire, such conductive slip ring not only can not ensure its service life, even the most basic rotary transmission of conductive slip ring can not be guaranteed. In this case, it is recommended to replace the conductive slip ring made by the regular manufacturer directly. Jiachi Mechanical and electrical all conductive slip ring brush silk is made of precious metals as contacts, which can fully ensure the service life and rotational conductivity of the conductive slip ring

3. The conductive slip ring oscillates violently in the process of express transportation, resulting in bending and deformation of the internal brush wire. Brush WIRE is a kind of elastic metal, violent shock beyond the elastic range of brush wire will lead to brush wire deformation, brush wire deformation will cause brush wire and copper ring contact is not sustained, there will be intermittent transmission.

4. The use current of the conductive slip ring exceeds the design current, resulting in the overload of the internal circuit of the conductive slip ring burned. In this case, the conductive slip ring must be sent back to the manufacturer, and re-verify the current size to redesign the conductive slip ring.

The above four points are the main reasons for the intermittent transmission of conductive slip ring. Shenzhen Jiachi mechanical and electrical production of conductive slip ring with 1 year warranty, lifelong maintenance of the after-sales commitment, you buy JARCH mechanical and electrical conductive slip ring any problem can directly contact us, we wholeheartedly for your service, slip ring to find Jiachi, durable synonymous

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