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Application of JARCH conductive slip ring in radar field

Application of JARCH conductive slip ring in radar field

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You can often see all kinds of radars on TV. Different radars have different functions, but most of them require a 360-degree rotation to capture surrounding targets. The radar emits various radiation and electromagnetic waves through the antenna to scan various objects within the effective range, and distinguishes the objects by the radiated electromagnetic waves reflected by the objects. Therefore, the radar needs to transmit various electromagnetic waves and radiation signals fed back to the computer while rotating 360 degrees. This is inseparable from the credit of the conductive slip ring. The function of the conductive slip ring is to transmit various signals while rotating uninterruptedly.


However, due to the particularity of radar, the requirements for conductive slip rings are very high. Conventional conductive slip rings only need to transmit current and control signals. However, conductive slip rings used for radar must consider their anti-interference, radiation protection, and anti-interference. There are a series of special requirements such as jitter, dust and water resistance, and high temperature resistance, so the conductive slip rings used for radar test the strength of the company. The conductive slip rings made by ordinary small companies cannot meet the harsh conditions of radar use.

Shenzhen JARCH Electromechanical has been specializing in the development and production of conductive slip rings for 17 years. It has cooperated with military enterprises for a long time. The conductive slip rings produced by the company can fully meet the requirements of military radar. The conductive slip ring used by JARCH Electromechanical for radar uses gold alloy brush wire as the internal contact material, which can ensure its service life is up to 200 million revolutions. The advanced anti-jamming technology can fully restore the radar antenna to receive various conductive radiation and electromagnetic wave signals. Jiachi Conductive Slip Rings specializes in R&D and production of various types of non-standard conductive slip rings, electric pneumatic slip rings.

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