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What is a waterproof conductive slip ring, a conductive slip ring that can operate underwater

What is a waterproof conductive slip ring, a conductive slip ring that can operate underwater

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With the update of science and technology, automation equipment is widely used. As an indispensable distribution network equipment in automation equipment, conductive slip rings are also developing rapidly. Jiachi Electromechanical can develop various types of Conductive slip rings, such as high temperature resistant slip rings used in high temperature environments, waterproof slip rings, explosion-proof slip rings used in wet environments and other dust environments. Today, the editor will tell you about the advantages of Jiachi electromechanical waterproof slip ring.

The waterproof slip ring refers to the slip ring that is mainly waterproof and can be used in a humid environment or directly in water. As we all know, the waterproof level is generally divided into 8 levels: 0 means no protection, 1 means water drop protection, 2 Grade 1 means the cabinet is tilted 15 degrees, protected from water droplets, Grade 3 means protection from splashing water, Grade 4 means protection from water spray, Grade 5 means protection from jetting water, Grade 6 means protection from jetting water, Grade 7 means protection from short-term water immersion, and Grade 8 means long-term immersion in water Protect. At present, the commonly used waterproof slip ring standards have two specifications: IP65 and IP68. The IP65 waterproof slip ring is only used in wet environments, that is, the waterproof grade is 0-4. The IP68 waterproof slip ring can be used directly in water, which is a waterproof grade. highest performance.


According to the requirements of customers and the needs of the market, Shenzhen Jiachi Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. has invested a lot of manpower and material resources through the unremitting efforts of technicians, and finally developed a waterproof device that can run underwater, which makes up for the existing Disadvantages that slip rings cannot operate in water, and the cost of waterproofing is high. It should not be promoted or used in the civilian field. Therefore, the waterproof slip ring developed by Jiachi Electromechanical adopts gold contact material, with a life span of 100 million revolutions, 9 360-degree smooth and unrestricted rotation, low torque, low wear, low electrical noise, control signal or power supply, leading similar slip rings.

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