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What are the advantages of liquid conductive slip ring and hydraulic conductive slip ring

What are the advantages of liquid conductive slip ring and hydraulic conductive slip ring

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The power of the liquid conductive slip ring mainly comes from the power element, as does the conductive slip ring. In a basic sense, the liquid conductive slip ring mainly transmits the fluid medium and the gas medium, so that the gas source and the liquid source are transferred from a 360-degree dynamic state to the components that need to be transmitted. The conductive slip ring mainly transmits current and electrical signals, and transmits the current or electrical signals to the required components in a 360-degree static manner. Their common feature is the role of transmission medium, which is often used in industry.


The slip ring is generally installed at the center of rotation of the equipment, and mainly includes two parts: rotating and static. The rotating part connects the rotating structure of the device and then turns, called the rotor. The biggest difference between slip ring asynchronous motors is the rotor structure and working mode.

First, the slip ring is a very precise device. Like the instrument, it needs to be handled with care and cannot be used carelessly, especially when installing it. Before installation, please read the installation instructions carefully, check whether all accessories of the product are in good condition, and whether the wires at both ends are in good condition. Do not tighten the wires to damage the wires, so as to avoid accidental damage during the installation process.

Second, the slip ring should be installed in four waterproof places of moisture-proof, dust-proof, waterproof and explosion-proof. The waterproof slip ring can work underwater, not limited by waterproofing, and can be used without danger of explosion. Due to explosion-proof treatment in the production process, only explosion-proof and waterproof double protection products can be used, otherwise it cannot be used underwater.

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