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The application of JARCH conductive slip ring in shadowless lamp, customized medical shadowless lamp conductive slip ring

The application of JARCH conductive slip ring in shadowless lamp, customized medical shadowless lamp conductive slip ring

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The shadowless lamp on the operating table is very different from the ordinary lighting lamp. For optimal visualization of tiny, low-contrast objects at various depths in incisions and body cavities during surgery. Without light source, the angle of the light source and the angle of the polished reflective surface are adjusted to form a ring shape, so that the shadow of the irradiated part becomes a picture with uniform brightness, which increases the guarantee for the surgical process. Many people are curious about whether the random adjustment of the angle of the shadowless lamp will break the wires inside and affect the operation process. In fact, this is all thanks to the conductive slip ring, which can solve the winding phenomenon caused by the rotation of the equipment. Therefore, the medical shadowless lamp can be rotated freely in the doctor's hand.


During surgery, in order to minimize the shadow during surgery, it is also necessary to achieve movement and 360-degree unbounded rotation during surgery. The lighting part of the shadowless lamp and the cantilever structure form the relationship between the rotating part and the fixed part. The power line and signal line need to be fixed on the cantilever to transmit power and signals to the lighting part. The lighting part needs to be rotated. ring parts. The electrical appliance adopts conductive slip ring, so that it can continuously transmit dynamic signals during the infinite rotation process.

In addition to shadowless lamps, many other medical equipment, such as CT machines and MRI equipment, require unlimited rotation to transmit power or signals and other data transmissions, and complex data interaction through computers to form reports.

Conductive slip ring components are used in many medical equipment, and need to meet the small space requirements inside medical equipment through high current, multiple signal sources, anti-interference, low noise, low radiation, compact, and modular design. From source design to R&D and production test, using high-reliability brush wire, ring-shaped components, low pressure and low friction, to achieve component maintenance-free, ultra-long service life, etc. Medical equipment guide ring solution.

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