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What kind of conductive slip ring is used for stage lighting, and the application of JARCH conductive slip ring in stage lighting

What kind of conductive slip ring is used for stage lighting, and the application of JARCH conductive slip ring in stage lighting

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Light has a unique understanding in everyone's heart. From the "dream is the beacon of life" in the seasonal composition, when we grow up, "that light is the guide to go home". Lights represent light and direction. In life and the lighting industry, we see many types of lamps. On both sides of the road, there are street lights that are loyal guards, emergency lights that take on missions, and colorful lights that add atmosphere... Jiachi conductive slip rings have been widely used in rotating lights on various stages, and rotating stage lights are inseparable Open the support of the slip ring.

Stage lighting


Among them, there is a special type of lighting product that needs to be rotated 360 degrees for lighting during the electrical design process to expand the lighting range such as stage environment lights and building fire emergency lights. A guide slip ring is added to the design, so that the conductive ring can meet its infinite rotation, without interrupting the current transmission and without winding. In order to be more dazzling and richer in color, the special dance table lamp also needs to transmit electric control signals to change the light and dark colors rhythmically. A single transmission or the addition of other signal transmissions requires the selection of a conductive slip ring with a multi-channel solution.

Hat-shaped conductive ring.

In addition to the above-mentioned multi-channel scheme design, the application of conductive slip rings in the lighting industry is also pure in other special cases, such as large current passing through, and lamps exposed outdoors. In the research and development design, special consideration should be given to the contact and installation methods of the guide device, the contact material of the conductive ring and the brush. Maintaining safety and guaranteeing life, the chain will not easily fall off during use, which is an urgent problem to be solved in the application of high-current conductive slip rings in the lighting industry.

Materials, power and other issues should be considered in the selection of high-current conductive slip rings. The power range of lamps and lanterns is very large, ranging from hundreds of watts to kilowatts. At the source of R&D and design, Chihong Technology will comprehensively consider the above parameters according to the specific plan of the industry to improve the fitting rate of conductive slip rings in lamps. In order to reach the level of similar products abroad and meet industrial needs, we will adopt solutions with good contact performance, long service life, flexible structure and high comprehensive performance.

Shuhong equipment test scene.

Looking for Jiachi for durable slip rings, Shenzhen Jiachi Electromechanical has always adhered to the 360-degree infinite rotation transmission solution.

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