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JARCH disc type conductive slip ring pancake slip ring is applied to automatic revolving door

JARCH disc type conductive slip ring pancake slip ring is applied to automatic revolving door

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  Recently, Jiachi Electromechanical has developed and produced a conductive slip ring for an automatic revolving door manufacturer to use with its automatic revolving door. Now the company's revolving door has been widely installed in major hotels. This conductive slip ring has a thin product size and a thickness of only 25 mm. It is used for equipment with height installation restrictions. This disc type slip ring is specially designed for rotating connection equipment with a certain height restriction. Disc slip rings are often used in rotating equipment with limited installation space, such as revolving doors, rotating stages, and rotating light boxes.


  This conductive slip ring uses aluminum alloy as the shell, and the surface is anodized, which can well ensure the reinforcement line and corrosion resistance of the shell. The internal contact material is processed by the copper alloy gold plating process, which can ensure that it rotates and accurately transmits various currents and control signals. The internal rotating bearing adopts the NSK bearing imported from Japan, which can fully guarantee its rotating speed and rotating service life.图片
  This conductive slip ring has been widely used in various industries and fields. After time-tested, it fully shows that the various performance parameters of this conductive slip ring are very reliable. It has been recognized by the majority of customers. The assembly of this conductive slip ring has gone out of the country because of its wide application, and has been exported to dozens of countries in the world, and has been recognized by customers all over the world.

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