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JARCH conductive slip rings are widely used in rotating light boxes

JARCH conductive slip rings are widely used in rotating light boxes

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Recently, the conductive slip rings of Jiachi Electromechanical have been widely used in rotating light boxes. LED rotating light boxes are very common billboards on the market. They can show the above advertisements to colleagues who are constantly rotating. Many people are curious about this rotating light box. Why can the light box keep rotating, and the wires inside will not be coiled? In fact, this is due to the credit of the conductive slip ring. The biggest function of the conductive slip ring is to avoid the winding phenomenon caused by the 360-degree rotation of the equipment.


 Due to the particularity of the rotating light box, in order to make it rotate continuously, it is inseparable from the help of the conductive slip ring, because only the conductive slip ring can transmit various currents and control signals while rotating 360 degrees, so that the rotating light box can be Uninterrupted rotation while maintaining the normal display of various advertisements on the light box. Many customers will ask what kind of conductive slip ring to use for the rotating light box? In fact, the slip ring used for the rotating light box is very simple. It is an ordinary cap-type conductive slip ring. The specific model is determined according to the actual number of wiring of the customer. Generally, the outer diameter is 22 mm, and the 2-way 10A is enough. .

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