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Product model identification of JARCH conductive slip ring

Product model identification of JARCH conductive slip ring

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Conductive slip ring is a kind of precise electronic components, each type of conductive slip ring has its own product model, each model represents a different meaning, often customers do not understand the model code of Jiachi conductive slip ring What does it represent, let me explain to you below.

Here is an example of the via slip ring that everyone often uses: JSR-TH038-6P10-6S, JSR stands for the abbreviation of Jiachi Company, TH stands for via slip ring, 038 stands for 38mm aperture, P stands for The number of circuits, 10 means current 10A, 6P10 means 6 circuits, each circuit passes 10A current, S means signal line, 6S means 6 signal lines. The entire model code indicates that the via hole is 38mm, and 12 lines need to be passed, of which 6 lines pass the current of 10A, and 6 lines are signal lines.


Take our common gas-electric slip ring as an example: JSR-HY025-4P20-5S-1G08-0102, JSR means the abbreviation of Jiachi company, HY means single-circuit gas-electric slip ring, 025 means single-circuit gas-electric slip ring Size specification, P stands for the number of current paths, 4P20 stands for 4 paths of 20A current, S stands for signal lines, 5S stands for 5 paths of signal lines, 1G stands for one gas line, 08 stands for trachea size of 8mm, 0102 stands for trachea connector code , indicating that the rotor is directly connected to the stator elbow. The entire model code indicates that the outer diameter of the flange-mounted slip ring is 25, and it needs to pass through 9 lines, 4 of which are 20A current, 5 are signal lines, 1 is 8mm gas pipe joint, the rotor is a direct head, and the stator is an elbow joint single-way gas-electric slip ring.


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