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What is the difference between standard conductive slip rings and custom conductive slip rings

What is the difference between standard conductive slip rings and custom conductive slip rings

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The standard conductive slip ring is a general-purpose conductive slip ring, but many customers do not know much about the standard conductive slip ring and waste too much time on the selection. Here I will briefly introduce what is a standard conductive slip ring, and how to choose it will be more convenient.

     First of all, when selecting, it is necessary to confirm the size requirements of the conductive slip ring itself, whether it needs to be perforated, shape size and length requirements, working speed, and working temperature. This can refer to the parameters in the hole conductive slip ring. If these parameters are exceeded, it is best to contact customer service and let professional engineers handle it. In fact, the standard conductive slip rings of each company are similar. The basic standard conductive slip rings are divided into two types: cap-type conductive slip rings and via-hole conductive slip rings. Here I introduce the standard through hole conductive slip ring. There are four types of standard via hole slip rings: via hole 12mm, via hole 25mm, via hole 38mm, and via hole 50mm. So what kind of via-hole slip ring is the standard via-hole slip ring?


      In fact, the standard through-hole type conductive slip ring is made with its internal structure unchanged. Usually 1-24 through-hole conductive slip rings with equal currents are standard conductive rings. If you encounter different current mixing, telecom mixing, electrical mixing, more circuits and shorter lengths, this conductive slip ring will become a non-standard conductive slip ring, because at this time the number of conductive slip rings is sorted , signal shielding, and length control are all factors that need to be considered, which are different from ordinary conductive slip rings.


     Some customers think that standard vias are not what they need. Is such a conductive slip ring a non-standard conductive slip ring? The answer is no, because of the main internal structure of standard via conductive slip rings. It is of course feasible to use the standard 25mm via hole to make a 20mm hole. Or use the 25mm standard middle outlet, and it is also more standard to do flange installation.

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