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How to choose explosion-proof slip ring, the three major misunderstandings of choosing explosion-proof slip ring

How to choose explosion-proof slip ring, the three major misunderstandings of choosing explosion-proof slip ring

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In order to solve the common misunderstandings when users choose explosion-proof conductive slip rings, Jiachi Electromechanical has developed the experience of explosion-proof electric slip rings, combined with the research on explosion-proof standards, and sorted them out for customers to choose.

One of the misconceptions: explosion-proof appliances can be waterproof.

Many people think that the explosion-proof conductive slip ring can be explosion-proof because its shell can prevent gas from entering its interior.

It must be well sealed to prevent rainwater from entering, and it is not a problem to install it outdoors. In fact, the explosion-proof guide is confused.

There are two concepts of explosion-proof form and enclosure protection level of electrical slip rings.

Explosion-proof conductive rings can be divided into different explosion-proof forms according to their different explosion-proof principles. The explosion-proof type explosion-proof conductive slip ring is durable.

The explosion pressure of part of the explosive gas mixture prevents the explosion of the electrical equipment in the casing, so that it cannot explode.

. Obviously, its anti-explosion performance is not affected by the protection level of the housing. The national standard has no special requirements for the protection level of the housing, as long as it meets the requirements of the motor and the motor.

The enclosure protection level of low-voltage electrical equipment is required, but there are strict regulations on enclosure materials and mechanical strength.

It can be seen from this that not all explosion-proof conductive rings can prevent gas or water from entering its interior, so it is impossible to have explosion-proof conductive rings.

To be installed in an outdoor outdoor venue, do not rinse its casing with water. In fact, the waterproof performance of an instrument is entirely determined by its enclosure rating.

, Generally used for outdoor rain-proof explosion-proof conductive slip ring housing protection level should reach IPX5 (that is, can withstand the ** from all directions).

Therefore, when purchasing explosion-proof conductive slip rings, it is necessary to put forward the requirements for the protection level of the shell at the same time.

The external explosion-proof conductive slip ring shall be corrosion resistant.

2. Misunderstanding 2: Gas explosion-proof conductive slip rings can be used in dust explosion hazardous places.

At present, many people lack sufficient understanding of dust explosion-proof and explosion-proof electrical equipment, whether in practical applications or gas explosion hazards.

Gas explosion-proof conductive slip rings are used in hazardous areas or dust explosion hazard locations. In fact, this approach is incorrect, because of various explosion-proof electrical appliances.

According to the explosion-proof principle, the enclosure protection level of most gas explosion-proof electrical equipment is lower than that of dust explosion-proof electrical equipment, such as gas explosion-proof.

The electric slip ring is used in the dust explosion hazard place, which can enter the slip ring and accumulate to prevent the safe operation of explosion-proof electrical equipment.

Naturally, the protection level of the gas explosion-proof conductive slip ring can also be increased to a certain extent, and it can be used in dust explosion hazardous places, but it is very uneconomical to do so.

Due to the explosion-proof function of gas explosion-proof, the functions are wasted.

Conversely, can dust explosion-proof conductive slip rings be used in gas explosion hazardous locations? The answer is no. Explosion-proof due to dust

The conductive slip ring only has a higher protection level to the shell, and cannot prevent the explosive gas from entering the inside of the shell, nor does it have explosion-proof measures such as explosion-proof and safety-enhancing.

Therefore, these two explosion-proof electrical equipment must not be used interchangeably.

3. Misunderstanding No. 3: Non-explosion-proof agricultural product crushing places do not need explosion-proof.

This kind of awareness is widespread in the vast rural areas at present. Dusts that actually have an explosion hazard can be divided into the following four categories: Explosive dusts.

Flammable conductive dust, flammable non-conductive dust and flammable fibers. Agricultural dust is a flammable non-conductive dust. green wheat flour

For example, its various explosion hazard indexes are comparable to those of red phosphorus powder in metal. Therefore, the processing point of agricultural products pulverizer must be explosion-proof.

Pay attention to this, be sure to choose explosion-proof conductive slip rings.

In addition, the most important thing is to select the manufacturer with explosion-proof certificate, and the product can be produced only after passing the product inspection, and personal safety.

All of these, currently the only explosion-proof product produced by Shenzhen Jiachi Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. has passed the certification of the national authority.

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