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What are the types of cable reel slip rings
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What are the types of cable reel slip rings

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The cable reel is widely used in various industries as a small device that can collect and release cables. Many people have a question "why can the cable reel transmit current and control signals while constantly rotating". In fact, this is the function of conductive slip ring. The conductive slip ring inside the cable reel is the guarantee that the cable reel can transmit current while constantly rotating, and the function of the conductive slip ring is to ensure that the device can transmit current, network, gas and other multi-medium objects while constantly rotating 360 degrees. So maybe some people will ask, how many kinds of conductive slip ring of cable reel? Today, Jiachi conductive slip ring Xiaobian and you talk about the cable reel conductive slip ring in the end what kinds of.

Firstly, the conductive slip ring will match the corresponding conductive slip ring according to the specification of the cable reel. The conductive slip ring usually used on the cable reel has the conductive slip ring through the hole and the stator flange conductive slip ring. The through-hole conductive slip ring is generally installed inside the cable reel. The rotating axis of the cable reel passes through the center of the conductive slip ring, and the rotor of the conductive slip ring rotates with the rotating spindle of the cable reel. The stator flange conductive slip ring is generally installed on the outside of the cable reel. The conductive slip ring is mounted directly on the end face of the cable reel.

In fact, it is not clear how many kinds of conductive slip rings there are in the end, because more than 90% of conductive slip rings belong to customized products, the type of conductive slip rings will change with the needs of cable reel. At present, the specifications of the conductive slip ring need to be determined according to the power used by the ship. Jiachi conductive slip ring specially developed and designed for shore power reel has a series of models and specifications, such as 80A, 130A, 250A and 1000A. And part of the cable reel is not only need to pick up and release cables, more cable reel also need to pick up and release other wire, so this kind of cable reel needs to match the conductive slip ring also need to transmit more media.

Conductive slip ring for the most part due to its particularity is that there is no fixed type and specification, conductive slip ring in order to match the customized equipment is mostly, but the custom is different with the traditional custom, traditional custom needs to be designed and developed, but most conductive slip ring custom just need solution to be obtained directly production line, Jiachi conductive slip ring professional R & D and production of conductive slip ring for 17 years, the company has more than 10000 mature design solutions, according to customer equipment needs to provide a variety of mature solutions for customers to choose. Jiachi conductive slip ring is a professional manufacturer of conductive slip ring

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