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How to choose gas-electro-hydraulic slip ring
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How to choose gas-electro-hydraulic slip ring

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Automation equipment is the concrete performance of productivity in modern science and technology. Conductive slip ring is an indispensable gas-electric component of modern automatic equipment. The traditional conductive slip ring only needs to be able to transmit current and simple control signals while rotating continuously. But with the progress of science and technology, automation equipment has fully entered the electrical age. Modern automatic equipment has program control, and automatic production and processing can be realized by the movement of electrical and mechanical parts. Then the conductive slip ring as an indispensable electrical component of the automation equipment will also have a single transmission current into a multi-medium gas-electro-hydraulic slip ring transmission at the same time. So many friends will ask "gas-electro-hydraulic slip ring how to choose"? Today, Jiachi conductive slip ring Xiaobian and you talk about how to choose gas-electro-hydraulic slip ring.

First of all, we need to understand that because of the particularity of the conductive slip ring, most of the conductive slip ring is customized according to the customer's equipment, so if we want to choose the appropriate conductive slip ring of their own equipment, we must know where to install the conductive slip ring of their equipment. After determining the location of the need to install the conductive slip ring, we need to determine how to install our conductive slip ring on the equipment. Our common conductive slip ring can be divided into shaft installation and flange installation. We need to determine the installation mode of the conductive slip ring according to the actual situation of our equipment.

After determining the installation method, we need to determine which media the conductive slip ring needs to transmit, and how many channels these media need to transmit through the conductive slip ring, colloquically speaking, how many channels of gas, how many channels of liquid, and how many channels of current and control signals. After determining the number of transmission medium, we also need to determine the specification of medium transmission, which is commonly known as the size of the gas pipe, the size of the liquid tube, and the size of the transmission current. After determining the technical requirements of this series, we also need to determine whether the conductive slip ring has requirements for special performance such as speed, waterproof and high temperature resistance.

Determine these technical requirements after you can find a small make up jia chi conductive slip ring, small make up will arrange the company's technology and you there, technology will be according to your actual usage recommend your equipment using the right solution to your drawings, if there is no ready-made solution, jia chi conductive slip ring technology will quickly for you to issue the latest design. Then, the technology of Jiachi conductive slip ring can be changed continuously according to the customer's needs until the customer is satisfied. Finally, the technology of Jiachi mechanical and electrical machinery will produce the processing drawing according to the final plan confirmed by the customer, and then handed over to the processing department for production, assembly and final delivery to the customer.

In fact, it is very simple to choose the appropriate gas-electro-hydraulic slip ring for their own equipment. As long as you can put forward specific requirements, the technology of Jiachi conductive slip ring can be designed according to your requirements, and you can get the conductive slip ring suitable for their own equipment.

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