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How to select high current and high power slip ring?
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How to select high current and high power slip ring?

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High current conductive slip ring usually refers to the conductive slip ring with a single current of more than 50A. This type of conductive slip ring is different from the conventional conductive slip ring in many places because of the excessive current it transmits. Because what is transmitted is a large current conducting device, the contact between the contact material and the brush should be considered first To ensure the reliability and life of the contact of the high current conductive ring. Second, the installation performance of the conductive ring can ensure normal installation. 

High current conductive ring shall be used in seawater environment, and its shell material must be corrosion resistant stainless steel. The main components of the conductive ring are the ring body and the electric brush, which are the key components of the conductive ring. The surface of the conductive ring uses thick gold plating as the electrical contact material. The electric brush mainly consists of a spring brush, a wire spring brush, and a brush block composed of metal graphite. High current density, low wear, but high impedance. The leaf spring brush is more suitable for use in high-speed environment. Linear brush wire has excellent elasticity and conductivity. In combination with the characteristics of the above brushes, a certain number of brush bundles are finally used as the final brush. PBT can be used as insulating materials. PBT has excellent dielectric properties, chemical corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance and lubricating properties. As far as the mechanical structure is concerned, the large current characteristics of the conductive ring shall be considered, and the electrical insulation, installation, maintenance performance and other aspects shall be fully considered in the design.

  • High current conductive ring can be selected

1. Current and voltage;

2. Line length;

3. Transit quantity;

4. The signal and power can be transmitted separately or in combination;

5. Protection level;

6. Connection terminal;

7. Departure direction;

  •  Advantages of high current conductive ring products

1.360 degrees of continuous rotation to transmit power or data signals;

2. Compact appearance.

3. The current can reach hundreds of amperes;

4. Comply with data bus protocol;

5. Top imported graphite alloy is selected;

6. Long service life, free from maintenance and lubrication;

  • Typical Application of High Current Slip Ring

1. Magnetic transmission device, processor control device, rotary table sensor, emergency lighting device, robot, radar, etc;

2. Manufacturing and control of equipment.

3. Industrial machines - machining centers, turntables, lifting equipment towers, reels, testing equipment, packaging machinery, etc;

The unique contact and connection mode of the high current conductive ring. The electric contact has good performance, long service life, flexible structure, and comprehensive performance that reaches the level of similar products abroad. The company can customize various sizes, dimensions flows, and protection levels for different parameters such as different sizes, specifications, currents, fluxes, rotational speeds and protection levels according to customer needs. It is applicable to safety, automation, power, instrument, chemical industry, metallurgy, medical treatment, aviation, military, ship, traffic, and electromechanical equipment.

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