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Application of the slip ring in stage lighting
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Application of the slip ring in stage lighting

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As the Spring Festival is approaching, all places are preparing for the Spring Festival Gala. All stage performances are inseparable from the rendering of stage lights, which can be said to be an indispensable prop for stage performances. We can see from the TV that the stage lights will keep swinging with the rhythm of the music. Maybe someone will ask, are these lights not afraid of winding the wire? Among them, conductive slip rings solve many problems.


The cap type conductive slip ring of Jiachi Electromechanical can transmit various currents and control signals while rotating 360 degrees, which can ensure that the stage light can rotate and the light on it can be switched freely. Many people do not know how the upper stage lights keep their lighting when the stage is lifting. In fact, a large number of take-up devices are installed under the lifting stage. This take-up device can ensure the normal operation of the stage lights when the stage is lifting. This take-up device can not do without the help of conductive slip rings.

The application scope of conductive slip ring is actually very wide. Stage lighting is only the most common type of conductive slip ring application, and conductive slip ring is more used in various automatic equipment to solve the winding problem of equipment.


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